Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Cheer all Year Tag!

Today I've created the Cheer all Year tag!

This was my first time creating a picture for a tag. It's a little messy, but maybe I'll get better as I experiment more. This design for the tag is taggable until 2015, meaning you can use it as a tag until that point, but after that an updated version will come out and the design will get better and better every year. After 2015, this version does not count. Why am I doing this? I want to watch my tag grow and evolve, and in a few years when I've hit a large amount of followers I'll have a collection of older versions that I can peruse. It will also help my tag become more successful if I'm able to see what aspects of it are the better ones. Anyway, here's the tag.

Cheer all Year!!!
The Rules:
1. Answer all the questions with detailed, thoughtful answers
2. Take your time. It's a long tag, so don't feel pressured to finish it right a way.
3. Always put three exclamation marks after Cheer all Year
4. No tag-backs
5. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
6. Nominate two other bloggers, let them know, and read and comment on their post
7. HAVE FUN!!!
Part one: Cheering you up!!!
1. What makes you cheery when you feel down?
2. What do others do to cheer you up?
3. Who cheers you up the most?
4. What colours make you feel cheery?
5. What activities do you do to cheer up?

Part two: Cheering others up!!!
1. What do you do to cheer others up?
2. What do people like about you that makes them feel cheery?
3. Do you enjoy cheering up others? What do you feel after cheering them up?
4. What is the best way to spread Christmas cheer in your opinion?

Part three: Cheery stuff!!!
Create your own verse of My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music. It does not have to rhyme, but if you want, go for it.
Name the top ten things that make YOU feel cheery.

Nominate two people: Kat and Lizzie


Note: To answer, I suggest copy pasting each part and answering one at a time, then copying the whole thing and pasting it so the nominees can answer it easily.

My Answers!
Here are my answers. I did not answer above because the nominees will be able copy and paste it easily without my answers getting in the way.

Part one: Cheering you up!!!
1. What makes you cheery when you feel down?
2. What do others do to cheer you up?
They will often engage me in conversations I find interesting.
3. Who cheers you up the most?
My friends and family.
4. What colours make you feel cheery?
Vibrant, happy colours like pink, yellow, and lilac.
5. What activities do you do to cheer up?
I do things that will take my mind off of whatever is pulling me down, like reading, writing, blogging, or even sleeping. It really works!

Part two: Cheering others up!!!
1. What do you do to cheer others up?
It depends on the person. Sometimes, Ill talk to them about things that they really enjoy, or I will do other things so they can take their mind off whatever is bothering them.
2. What do people like about you that makes them feel cheery?
I think it is my sense of humour. I always manage to find humour in situations that would otherwise be really disheartening. This does not mean I laugh at my friend's dog's grave, but I always try to find a silver lining amongst the grey skies.
3. Do you enjoy cheering up others? What do you feel after cheering them up?
I like cheering others up because it makes me feel like I have done something good. In fact, it cheers ME up!
4. What is the best way to spread Christmas cheer in your opinion?
I think it is warmth. Warmth as in a smiling at a lonely girl across the street, or as in hugging a friend in need, or as in brewing a cup of hot chocolate after sledding for hours and hours.

Part three: Cheery stuff!!!
Create your own verse of My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music. It does not have to rhyme, but if you want, go for it.

Crisp paper parchment and fresh sharpened pencils
Old smelling novels and butterfly stencils
Clouds below rainbows and bright birds that sing
These are a few of my favourite things

Name the top ten things that make YOU feel cheery.
1. Clouds
2. Books
3. Loved ones
4. Butterflies
5. Cute animals
6. Rainbows
7. Writing
8. Stars
9. Trinkets.
10. When the elevator door opens the second you push the button

I nominate Kat and Lizzie!


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hi again!

So I was offline for a good week and a half, as some of you probably noticed. But I'm back now as an even better person, arriving from the Discovery Girls summit in California. I will do an update on California as soon as I manage to get the pictures from my iPod onto my computer (if I ever figure out how). I will probably tell you what issue I'm in when it comes out. It really affects my anonymity so I'm still deciding. But if you read the magazine, it won't be hard to tell!

 Today I'm going to post something ripped from my notebook. It's a segment of a short story I've written and entered to a competition that I made until the finalists. Here it is, it's got a bit of violence in it, but it's not graphic or anything. It's just not for three year olds. I'm sorry if this scares you, but if it does, I'm surprised, because I wrote it when I was ten.

The Kingdom of Koll
A battle was raging.
Spasms stretched up his back as his knights fell around him. He would soon be left alone, fighting an army of hundreds. But no. His love, his true love, the beauty as hard as stone, would stand by his side. He turned, searching for her laughing curls, her focused eyes, Distracted, he was charged by an enemy. Spear, then nothing.
"Koll!" The sense of undying love filled the chamber, sending the pure hatred of battle away. He heard his Shava, and felt his love, his heart and soul, leaning over him, her tears mixing with the blood on his chest. And death.
"Evil!" Shava, weakness grabbing her, shook with terror. "Evil has killed my love! No battle shall rage on while my love is dead! Koll shall live on through love, only terror must end! Recede, evil, and we shall live on!

But the battle ended not, and Shava, the beauty, fell with him, her soul never to leave the place where her love once was.
There's a whole other story to that, and I might post it one day, but for now I'm keeping it a secret.
Have a blogurous day!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Maple Syrup and Beavers

This post is all  about my home, Canada! In case some of you didn't know I'm a Canadian, and I love it!

The truth about "eh!"...
Some Canadian stereotypes revealed

1. We all play hockey.
Not all of us. Hockey is Canada's sport, but we don't all play hockey. A lot of us do, but not as many as you think.

2. We all speak French.
This is not true.Only in Quebec do most people speak French. At least I think so. Please  correct me if I'm wrong.

3. We say "aboot".
WHAT?!?! We do not say "aboot".

4. We say "eh" a lot.
I do, but not the whole of Canada.

5. We live off maple syrup and in igloos.
People don't read enough. I do love maple syrup on my pancakes, but that's about it. And I've never even SEEN an igloo.

Some beautiful things about Canada...

1. Niagara Falls
One of the biggest waterfalls in the world! An extraordinary sight.
2. The Anne of Green Gables House
This is the house inspired by Anne of Green Gables. Located in Prince Edward Island, it is a beautiful place to visit.
3. The Rockies
An extraordinary place to live.
4. Aurora Borealis

If there's one thing you have to see in your life, it's the Northern Lights. Otherwise known as The Dance of the Dead Men or The Aurora Borealis, this supernatural phenomenon is incredible. Be awed next time you head to northern Canada and watch the mesmerising colours haunt your soul.

5. The Plains of Abraham

One of my favourite places on this Earth, this legendary battle field is a beautiful plain of rolling green grass hills and extraordinary sites.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Canada!


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Beautiful Blog Award!

I've been nominated by Emily Sage for the Beautiful Blog Award! Thank you Emily Sage!

+ Answer the questions written by the person who nominated you.
+ Write your own questions for your nominees.
+ Nominate bloggers to answer them (don't forget to let them know they've been nominated!).
+ Have fun!

The Unanswered Questions:

1. What is your dream occupation? (Think about it. Dream. Occupation.)
That would be an author. But I also like the idea of becoming a family therapist.

2. Favorite type of shoe? (I just have to put mine out there - the knee high riding boot.)
I'm not a fashion person at all, but I guess I would pick sneakers or sandals.

3. Guilty pleasures?
I'm a little confused... I think not. :)

4. Describe your style in one word.

5. What makes you smile?
Anything: clouds, sunsets, the word cheese...

6. What makes you keep pushing forward when you're tempted to quit?
My loved ones.

7. Do you have a favorite quote?
Uh-oh, you'll be reading this forever. YES!! On my shared computer with my dad, I even have an entire folder of my favourite quotes. I'll put a few up here:

8.  What is your middle name?Do you  mind if I not say? My middle name, actually is one off my best friends' first name.

9. If you could change your hair color permanently, what would it be?

10. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and what would you use it for?
Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.

11. Favorite coffee drink?
I don't like coffee.

The Nominees:

The Questions:
1. Prim and trim or scabby knees and climbing trees?
2. Do you like eggs?
3. What colour describes your personality?
4. Ending of a book you want to change?
5. Stars or clouds?
6. Do you think Gandalf promotes smoking amongst teens?
7. Pick a colour and a tool: What pops into your head? Is it a red hammer?
8. Have you ever used a spork?
9. Name nine fictional characters you wish would exist.
10.  What was your favourite obsession as a young child?


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fictional Role Models

Internet peeps, I now have seven followers! Yay! I'm aiming for ten this summer, so keep 'em coming! Thanks!

Today I'm going to talk about fictional role models (all girls of course) and the impact they make on us!

1. Hermione Granger

Hermione, aside from being the brightest witch of her age, is one of the strongest female role models of all literature. She has backbone, she's clever, she's warm, and she does not let anyone push her around. Even after Ron leaves her, she continues fighting Voldemort and the may Horcruxes. She lets all young girls know that books can really save your life, and  to never give up for what you believe in. Plus, she totally punched Malfoy.

2. Ginny Weasley

Ginny's tough. She won't be messed with. Harry broke up with her for her own safety, and she remade the D.A, tried to steal the sword of Gryffindor, and continued to stir trouble with the Death Eaters. She's not defined as crazy or especially smart or pretty, she's an every girl, but special all the same.

3. Luna Lovegood

Luna taught us that it's okay to be different.

4. Rory Gilmore
Rory was bookish and brilliant. Many of you may not know her, but she's dear to my heart. She was always sweet to those around her, did not let anyone come between her and her friend, and she modelled an excellent mother- daughter relationship with Lorelai. She taught the world that nerds can have boyfriends.

5. Jane Eyre

Jane wasn't particularly special or pretty, she was just (pun fully intended) a plain Jane. But she had immense backbone, was strong as rock, and stayed true to herself. Even as a child she wasn't afraid to be herself in front of those who treated her cruelly.

6. Lucy Pevensie

Lucy was pure. She was as sweet as sugar and kind to all. Lucy the Valiant was innocent and wise and brave. She was very relatable for young girls,  always comparing herself to her sister and not realising how important she was. Her relationship with Aslan was so strong and she was purely adorable in the first movie. What eight year old can wield a dagger like her?

7. Merida
Merida is so awesome. She is brave and strong and so many other amazing things. She does not wait around for boys, she just wants to be herself and does exactly that. She is so spunky and for once, the princess focuses on a different relationship than with a prince, she focuses on her relationship with her mother.
8. Mina
Mina (from Skellig and more specifically My Name is Mina) is easily relatable. She doesn't want to grow up, she's different and proud of it, and she's got a load of spunk. She likes climbing trees and she has fire in her eyes. She wonders. But she's always brilliant and always Mina, teaching girls like me that they are not alone in their actions.

9. Rose Tyler

Rose was nothing special until the Doctor came along and took her to far distant planets and universes, where her true personality was revealed as sweet and kind and forgiving.She, like many others on this list, was strong. She often was afraid but kept her head held high even on the darkest of hours, and always seemed to find a way to save herself or see the Doctor. She was compassionate, the first person in Doctor Who history to sympathise with a Dalek.
10. Katniss Everdeen
Katniss is able to fend for herself. She nearly never breaks down and she has her faults, making her a very real character to us all. She loves her little sister more than anything, is tough and loyal, and even after being tortured countless times and losing all she loves, she continues to be herself and fight for what is important. She, unlike other main characters in dystopian novels, sees the repercussions of her killing and tries not to when she can, making her even more humane. Lastly, you can really tell that she's sixteen, and there's not too much "inappropriate" romance.

The writers and producers of these characters not only know how to inspire young girls, but they make their characters extremely real. I hope you enjoyed reading this list and feel free to add a few characters you think would make great role models.

See ya!


Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Mirror of the Sky

Hi again! This is my entry for Jollygirl's ( writing contest! I hope this encourages other people to enter!

The Mirror of the Sky


Tony's chipper voice boomed from the other side of the half-opened front door of his apartment. “Mom, I aced that test on-” his voice faltered. Standing before him, with his arms around Tony's mother's slender body, was Tomas. The tall stranger that had crept into their quiet life and had shadowed it. He had won his mother's heart with his irresistible face and dark demeanour.

 “I thought you were coming at 5:00,” Tony said to Tomas.

 Sonia, Tony's mother, looked between them with a strange expression on her freckly and almost triangular face. She walked quietly toward Tony and put her face next to his.

 “Sweetie, Tomas proposed to me at the harbour this morning. It was incredibly romantic,” she said, then, her face breaking into a white smile, she pulled Tony close. “I said yes.”

 Tony stood silently for a fraction of a second, smelling the pot roast in the oven. Then he broke into a scream. “You said you'd wait five years! Five whole years after Dad died! You said you wouldn't fall in love again! I remember, it was three years ago, I was seven! You're a liar! You loved actually getting a romantic proposal, didn't you? Dad's was to end a fight-you hated it!”

 Tony stared at Tomas angrily, blinding tears streaming down his white cheeks. Tomas said nothing.

 “Dad was so different from Tomas, how could you love them both? Never mind, you probably never loved Dad at all!” Tony ran out of the comfortable living room and into his own, hiding here until the oven beeped to announce dinner.

A cold-shouldered silence wafted over the smells of the food at the dinner table. Tony ate quietly, occasionally clinking his fork against his plate. His mother let out several loud sighs between bites. Tomas, as usual, was silent. Breaking the tense air, Sonia uttered eight words to start a fight.

 “Tomas will take you to the harbour tonight.”

 “Why?” Tony's voice was smooth and flat.

 “It's time or you two to bond,” she said tightly.

 “I don't want to, Mom! Before Dad's car crash, we always made decisions as a family!” Tony started to yell. “Tomas probably-” 

 “Enough!” Sonia's loud decibels flattened Tony's, who had not reached puberty yet. “You're going to the harbour, and that's that! And you will be respectful to the both of us!”

 They finished their dinner in awkward silence. It had always been like that when Tomas was around. But this time, it was even more awkward and more silent.

Two hours later, there was a knock on Tony's bedroom door. Without waiting for an answer, his mother stepped in.

 “I'm so sorry,” she whispered. “I know how hard this is for you- wait, no, I don't. I loved your father, I always will. I love Tomas too. I wish you would give him a chance.” She started to cry. “I want the best for you, Tony!” She chocked, “I love you so much.”

 Without a word, Tony grabbed his leather jacket and left in a silence that felt louder than a shriek. He was in no mood to listen to his mother's blubbering.

Standing just outside of their apartment building and staring at the passing cars, Tony waited. He waited until a large hand grasped his shoulder and steered him past busy streets and old churches, straight to the harbour.

 “I love the sea,” Tomas said quietly.

 Dad was afraid of it, Tony thought. He did not reply. Instead, he stared stonily at the black water and smelled the gross smell of seaweed and rotten fish. “You like the sky, don't you? Well, the sea is the mirror of the sky,” Tomas continued.

 Untrue, Tony thought. But he did really love the sky. Especially space. He got it from his father, who often took him camping to stargaze.

 “Once, I was trying to find this whale, and...” Tony didn't listen. All he could do was look up at Tomas' moustache and think that his own father had always remained clean shaven.

Tomas told stories about the sea and ocean, and Tony compared them to his father’s about the mesmerising sky.

 Tomas looked into Tony's eyes. The Boston city lights always clouded the sky and hid the stars in grey. At nighttime, the sky looked grey and stormy. Tony hated that.

 “You know, fishermen sometimes use the stars to guide them at night,” Tomas said.

 “Really?” Tony asked. He couldn’t help it. The stars were like a magnet to him.

 “Yes,” Tomas continued. “The sky is a natural compass. The North Star will tell us where we are heading. If you're ever lost, there's no need to worry.”

 Tony thought for a moment. He looked Tomas up and down. His father had been a short, stout man. Tomas was a giant.

 But it suits him, Tony thought.

 "Once, I was lost out at sea. Then I looked down, and mirroring the sky was the ocean. The ocean and the sky, Tony. They are so similar. I saw the stars in the blackness. I was safe,” Tomas said deeply.

 Dad always felt safe under the stars, Tony thought. Then he thought that maybe Tomas was the mirror of Tony's father. They were different but similar.

 Then Tomas pointed out at the ocean. “There's a ship coming in.” He lifted the lantern that Tony hadn't noticed before. He placed his other hand on Tony's shoulder. It was strong.

 Dad's hands were too, Tony thought.

 Tomas would never replace Tony's father. Tony knew that. But now he knew that he wouldn't mind having Tomas for a step-father. Tomas was a special individual, just like Tony's father had been.

 It was Tony's turn to look into Tomas' deep-set eyes. He would never completely get over his father's death. But he would, someday, love Tomas just as much as his mother did.

 As Tomas noticed him and they shared a smile, Tony had one last thought, muffled by the thoughts of the smelly seaweed and the grey sky. Muffled by the sound of the boat horn.

 Someday soon.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Liebster Award!

I have been nominated for The Liebster Award by Hannah from
Thank you Hannah!

The Rules:Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
+ Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
+ Answer the 11 questions they have given you.
+ Write 11 new questions for your nominees.
+ Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to answer the questions (excluding the one who nominated you).
+ You must notify your nominees of their nomination.

Some tidbits and doodads about Oakstar:

1. I love clouds. They are one  of my favourite things in the world.
2. I can start many different topics of conversation in under a minute because of my absurd train of thought. 
3. I believe that Harry and Hermione are ABSOLUTELY NOT meant to be. Ron+Hermione and Harry+Ginny forever!
4. I don't incredibly like bacon.
5. Robin from the Cuckoo's Calling is amazing, I love her character dearly.
6. Sometimes I wish that we can all be little kids again, blowing bubbles and jumping in leaf piles and climbing trees.
7. I have an adorable kitten named Sylvester.
8. Time is extremely confusing to me. Then again, it only started after watching Dr.Who.
9. One of my favourite quotes is something I wrote.
10. I like to decipher books and stuff.
11. I live in a different time zone than my blog.

Hannah's questions:

1. Favourite day of the year?
December twenty-fifth.

2. Hot chocolate or tea?
This may surprise you, but actually, tea.

3. Lunch or dinner?
I guess lunch, because there's a lot more variety.

4. Morning or evening?
Evening, to me, is the best time of the day. (Sorry Morning :D)

5. Writing or reading?
BOO HOO HOO HOO!! I can't answer.

6. Blogging or noveling?
I would never give up noveling.

7. Strawberries or blueberries?

8.  Skirts or shorts?

9. Dancing or sport?

10. Frozen or Tangled?

11. Loose hair or ponytail?
It depends.

I nominate:
Whoever comments the words "wallaby oh wallaby where's my wallet?" on the comments page.

My questions:

1. What fictional world would you live in?
2. The least favourite author on your bookshelf?
3. Mexican food or Indian food?
4. Your favourite food?
5. How did you spend your last birthday?
6. Least favourite book?
7. Harry Potter or Divergent?
8. Doctor Who or Sherlock?
9. Least favourite phrase?
10. Favourite quote?
11. The girl character out of all fictional books that's been your hero and your role model?

Friday, 1 August 2014

A Mixed Up Update About Various Things and Yes This is an Odd Title

Hello, people of the internet! Feeling swell? This post is just a quick update on some blogging, you know, stuff. This August, I am aiming to get ten followers, so if you're reading this and are thinking about hitting that magic button, please do so. I would be thrilled. And thank you to my first six followers, especially Jollygirl and MorningTime4, who were there at my very first post. Thank you all so much! I will be changing my design soon; this was my starter one and I think I am ready to upgrade..

I'm also thinking about creating a tag. That might be fun if it is allowed, and I think it is.

There is an exciting post on the way! I won't spoil it to you, but I'm hoping that you will find it as interesting as I do and I hope I don't bore you if you've already heard about it.
Thanks and sorry for the short post!