Saturday, 6 September 2014

Back to school!

 A lot of us by now have gone "back to school". For me, high school has just started, and I'm a teeny little shrimp amongst the grade elevens.

A Poem (sort of) called The School.

The class.
The bell.
The hustle.
The bustle.
The friends.
The homework.
The repeat.

I love my school! I get to wear a uniform, which is super awesome, and I love the huge rush while I try to get to class, and I love that I have all different classes. It's all awesome! I find it really special that I got chosen to go to this school! I love it!


  1. Great poem! It describes school perfectly!

  2. I'm in 11th grade too and I can easily say it is the hardest school years ever! I am enjoying the year though, which is wonderful I'm glad you are having a good year so far, I hope it continues :)

    Tara xx
    (aka BeWeirdAlways)