Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Scary School Trip, dun, dun, dunh

Okay, some of the people who awarded me with four different awards and are waiting for them to come up on my blog: Next post will be all about them. Sorry for the wait guys!

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You're probably wondering about my title. Every year, the grade sevens in my high school take a two- night trip to Quebec City and around to get to know each other. We went to a camp up north that specialises in things like Arbre en Arbre (ziplining and other activities similar to that), things like kayaking, forest survival, GPS orientation, and playing Old Quebec village. I had a very unique experience at this camp.

The first day was spent getting there and watching Divergent on the way, and then doing GPS orientation and kayaking. For GPS orientation, we had to find signs in the forest using a GPS. They called it geocaching, but that wasn't really what it was. Our group of four went off trail and climbed what felt like a mountain to get to two specific signs that no other groups could find. We found pink mushrooms on the way. Come to think about it, there were a lot of mushrooms on my trip. Curious? Just keep reading. We needed a break, so when we hear voices from another group of students kayaking across the lake, we chatted to them for a while and one of us found a beer bottle and tried to send it to them across the lake. I don't know how people do it in the movie, it only went for about two feet.

After GPS orientation, we were scheduled to go kayaking. I had never been kayaking before so I didn't know what to expect except being cold and wet. We changed in our cabins and then came back. I was wearing my bathing suit, my wind breaker, and short shorts. I felt that I should wear as little as possible if I was going to get soaking wet anyway.

They really didn't explain  it to us at all. They just really handed us life jackets and let us have pretty much a-free-for-all, not explaining what would happen if we tipped or how to paddle or anything. The girl I was paired up with was really adventurous, while I was more on the secure side, but we ended up going really far out through the two hours of scheduled kayaking we had in 55 degree weather. Um, burrrrr. I got splashed A TON  but thank the lord we didn't end up tipping. When we got out, I nearly was hypothermic and my feet were numb like almost everybody else and I could barely walk. The teachers kept telling us to hang up our life jackets, but that was not my main concern so I ended up dumping it on a bench and then running back to my cabin to get changed. I was freezing.

After that, everything was much better. We had dinner and I devoured the soup in less than a minute to warm me up. After we had an activity until nine o'clock. This activity involved making a different version of Little Red Riding Hood and acting it out in front of all the other groups doing the same thing. It got kind of really boring after a while, and my group didn't 't get to go. You know, typical school trip experience.

Curfew was at eleven, but I was exhausted and ended up going to bed ten minutes before with my friend Malina, only to be rudely woken up by the teacher asking us to go to bed. Okay, then.... But she was already a little grumpy because of someone blow drying a key in our cabin and causing the smell of burnt metal for the rest of the night.

The next day was Old Quebec Village, Forest Survival, and the part we've all been waiting for, Arbre en Arbre.

We had to lift very heavy mushrooms for Old Quebec Village. Enough said there.

I tuned out for Forest Survival. I was hungry and I listen to the exact same speech every time I go Girl Guide Camping.

Finally! After a delicious Lasagna lunch, it was Arbre en Arbre! I was so excited! I had only done a really baby ziplining crash course at summer camp, when I was, like, five, so I was looking forward to it.

Next update: Before the weekend it  will be posted. Sorry for the wait guys! I have so much homework now and I decided to post before you start thinking I am dead.


  1. Love this post!:) your camp experience is similar to mine:)
    Oh wow curfew at 11?
    We had to go to bed at 8 hahaha

    1. Oh... that sucks. But did it actually happen? :P

  2. I wish my school went on trips like that. Alas, we don't.