Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween...!!

Eerie noises. Pumpkin guts. Spooky skeletons. I luuuurv Halloween!

Do you celebrate Halloween? What's your costume this year? I'm going as the eleventh doctor and Amy Pond combined. I'm wearing leggings, jean shorts, a plaid long sleeve, a jean jacket, knock-off converse, and a fez. Fezzes look good on anyone, by the way, and my tutorial is coming up next.

I'm going trick or treating around my neighbourhood with some old friends... which is really nice considering I haven't seen some of my elementary school bffs because of high school.

 Can you believe Nanowrimo starts tomorrow? I'm so unprepared.

Halloween Favourites
Candy: Coffee Crisp
Spooky creature: Witches
Decoration: The classic pumpkin, and my plastic severed limbs

I just love fake severed limbs!

 Have fun tonight! Stay safe and don't eat too much.............broccoli! (Did I surprise you there?)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Website Review

In my ed tech class, we have started to learn html and code, both really cool things. We use a website called Code Academy  and it teaches us, step by step, how to use html and code. If you don't understand html or get it and want to learn how to use it, it's a great place to start. It's really interesting to learn, and the website goes over things slowly at just the right pace, repeating things over and over again so you start to memorise the steps without really knowing it. It's also perfect for all ages and shows you an example of how your webpage would look. I know most of you probably know html, but for those of you wanting to expand your knowledge, I highly recommend this website. It's free, and even if it did cost money, it would manage to pay for itself in the end because nowadays for a lot of jobs you need computer skills such as basic html.


Just because.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Like the TARDIS (small blogs with awesome stuff)

Hello! Today I'm going to do a post on small blogs with under thirty followers that I really enjoy.

1. Reflections of a Jollygirl
Either most or all my followers also follow her website, but if you're reading this and haven't taken a look, go right ahead! She is an amazing writer that I know personally, and her posts are all varied. Go check it out!

2. The Unicorn Who Started a Blog
Okay, let's start with the awesome title. Like, seriously. So awesome. I also know this writer personally and she is just starting out, but she is a really good blogger who figured out how to post a video in her first go. Also, if you check out her blog, try to enter her writing contest!

3. T&A Harry Potter Crafters
If you like crafts or Harry Potter, this blog is for you! Their blog is dedicated to crafts related to Harry Potter, and they will definitely get your creative side sparking! They offer unique craft ideas that I've never seen before. I also know one of the writers personally.

4. A Curious Pisces
This blog is a really sweet blog that has a variety of different types of posts. The writer posts pretty often and all the posts are unique and different. And this is kind of random, but I love her page titles! Yeah. I'm weird. I know.

5. My Amazing Life Being 10
This blog is written by a fresh writer I recently discovered! She is a very frequent poster that will not let you down, and is a friend to all Whovians, Potterheads, Tributes... take your pick. Plus, the first thing I noticed about her blog is the way it's designed. I just like it.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Autumn Smells

Sure, autumn is not my favourite time of year. Summer has ended, school is starting, lots of work...

But I love the smells. Think about it. When it comes down to smells, autumn is the best time of year. Sure winter has some nice scents like girngerbread and peppermint and Christmas logs. Spring has the sweet smell of rain and fresh smell of blooming tulips. Summer, well, everything kinda ends up smelling like sunscreen. And campfires.

But autumn, oh it's magical. It begins with the smell of new school books and freshly sharpened pencils and new clothes. The leaves start falling, and the crisp autumn air's cold scent deliver a nice cold smell to our noses. Not to mention how many apples I'm sure get consumed under the forms of pie, cake, cider, alcoholic beverages, and just by themselves. Right now in fact, my dad and I are baking apple pie. Yum. Cinnamon is also a big part of autumn and also, pumpkin. Nothing better than pumpkin cupcakes sprinkled with cinnamon.

Need I mention Thanksgiving? The delicious turkey, the gravy, the golden mashed potatoes? Am I making you hungry?

And Halloween! The candy corn, the candy in general. I LOVE AUTUMN SMELLS!!

Needless to say, I am a firm believer that although autumn can be kind of a drag, being stuck in the sad middle between summer and Christmas, and school starting and all of that, autumn is not simply the wait for winter. It is a time to be cherished, to be loved. To be smelled.

What does autumn smell like to you? Tell me in the comments, or do a blog post on the smells of the season you're in right now!


Friday, 10 October 2014

Award #1: 50 facts

I've been tagged a lot recently, but I haven't gotten around to doing them. I will start by doing this award, tagged by the amazing Jollygirl. This is so cool, my first link! Yay! Anyway, here it goes, but I won't be tagging anybody except if you want to do this. I appreciate the love, but I think I speak on behalf of a lot of bloggers that the extremely non-rare tags like the Liebster come around a little too often. Tags that don't come around often and do not require a lot of nominating are fine, but I personally think that a lot better way to spread the love is by leaving a thoughtful comment on someone else's blog. Anyway, on with it! Here are my facts!!
  1. I don't like peanut butter.
  2. It took me a while to write that.
  3. I type while looking, and it works just fine for me.
  4. I just love the spelling of the word popcorn.
  5. My English teacher doesn't like us using red pens. Apparently, it lowers our self esteem.
  6. Go self esteem!
  7. My cats don't hiss. Like, ever.
  8. Up-talk makes me laugh.
  9. I am currently reading My Sister's Keeper.
  10. SAD MONKEY!!
  11. I'm not sad. I'm actually quite perky right now.
  12. Long weekend! Full steam ahead!
  13. I love mashed potatoes.
  14. I am one of those rare people that neither hates nor loves 1D.
  15. This is really fun!
  16. My dad has my ringtone set as the intro to Doctor Who. How awesome is my dad?
  17. So awesome!
  18. I got an Iphone 4S for my birthday! It is so cool!
  19. I just updated this.
  20. What's up?
  21. I don't understand HTML.
  22. I don't like the Macs I have to use at my school. I'd much prefer a PC and  the computer that my dad and I share.
  23. I'm not even halfway through?!?!
  24. I'm still debating whether or not I shall tell you what issue of Discovery Girls I am in.
  25. Pie is good.
  26. Now I'm hungry.
  27. Come on, Thanksgiving! hURRY UP!
  28. We've now started the rush toward Christmas.
  29. Autumn is the best time of the year when it comes down to smells.
  30. I  am currently wearing my Gryffindor tee.
  31. Oh my gosh my computer autocorrected Gryffindor! IT KNOWS!!
  32. We are all growing our fingernails as we read this.
  33. I highly recommend My Sister's Keeper.
  34. I ride a minibus to school.
  35. I want a taco.
  36. I wonder what we are having for dinner.
  37. This is a cool number.
  38. Twelve. More. Facts.
  39. When you hit shift enough times, the buzzer that pops up always makes me jump.
  40. I am a rather jumpy person.
  41. The first time my high school bell went off, I thought it was a fire alarm and jumped out of my seat.
  42. Lol.
  43. I feel that lol used to be something funny but now it's overused and it looks weird now.
  44. The word nerd makes me feel like it curls into itself.
  45. Pizza...
  46. I need to know what happens next in Doctor Who. I. Need.
  47. Three. More. Facts.
  48. I always save the best for last.
  49. The Maxipoche Larousse is really thick.
  50. I want to make a GIF. How do I make a GIF?
Well, that was fun. And tiring. Excuse me, my thumbs need a rest.