Saturday, 11 October 2014

Autumn Smells

Sure, autumn is not my favourite time of year. Summer has ended, school is starting, lots of work...

But I love the smells. Think about it. When it comes down to smells, autumn is the best time of year. Sure winter has some nice scents like girngerbread and peppermint and Christmas logs. Spring has the sweet smell of rain and fresh smell of blooming tulips. Summer, well, everything kinda ends up smelling like sunscreen. And campfires.

But autumn, oh it's magical. It begins with the smell of new school books and freshly sharpened pencils and new clothes. The leaves start falling, and the crisp autumn air's cold scent deliver a nice cold smell to our noses. Not to mention how many apples I'm sure get consumed under the forms of pie, cake, cider, alcoholic beverages, and just by themselves. Right now in fact, my dad and I are baking apple pie. Yum. Cinnamon is also a big part of autumn and also, pumpkin. Nothing better than pumpkin cupcakes sprinkled with cinnamon.

Need I mention Thanksgiving? The delicious turkey, the gravy, the golden mashed potatoes? Am I making you hungry?

And Halloween! The candy corn, the candy in general. I LOVE AUTUMN SMELLS!!

Needless to say, I am a firm believer that although autumn can be kind of a drag, being stuck in the sad middle between summer and Christmas, and school starting and all of that, autumn is not simply the wait for winter. It is a time to be cherished, to be loved. To be smelled.

What does autumn smell like to you? Tell me in the comments, or do a blog post on the smells of the season you're in right now!



  1. Great post! To me, autumn outside smells like smoke from the neighbors' wood stoves, damp leaves, and the last cutting of hay. Inside, it smells like pumpkin pie, mom's cinnamon candles and hot tea, and the little ones' play dough from doing school. Altogether, autumn has a very comforting smell.
    -- Rebecca at The Silver Flute

    1. Thanks! And wow! Your comment gave me shivers, it really reminded me of autumn!

  2. Awesome post! To me, Autumn smells like the crisp cold air, the dewy grass, the candy corn,the smell of new books (I was just talking to a group another day about how I sniff books before I read them. Apparently nobody does the same, and they all thought the idea of smelling books was crazy),etc....

    1. Thank you! I sniff books too, it is SO not weird. The older a book, the better it smells.

  3. I love this post! Autumn smells like cinnamon and apple cider. LOADS OF CINNAMON. My house during autumn is a cinnamon explosion. BTW, your blog is amazing.

    1. Thanks! Cinnamon is definitely an autumn staple in my house too. And thank you! Your blog is amazing too! Go tween bloggers! And teens of course too!

  4. Hey, I'm a new reader!

    To me, Autumn smells like crisp air and cinnamon c:

    The Blog Hermit

  5. Nice post!! :)
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  6. Mmhhmmm making me hungry hahaha!
    Autumn is such a beautiful season, different arrays of colours everywhere you go;)
    Enjoy Autumn!! It's still spring over here!
    Lovely post Oakstar:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart