Friday, 5 December 2014

December Relief and Loveliness

Hi guys!
Today I will be talking about the immense relief December has brought upon me.

The End of Nanowrimo
First off, it's the end of Nanowrimo. I was so happy to reach my target (which I changed to thirty-two thousand because the first one was not achievable) and immediately shove my keyboard aside for a really long time. I'm so done. Over the winter holidays, I'll probably start up again with my writing, but for now, I'm happy to let my characters freeze in a time-lock. I don't have to worry about numbers and word counts, every day now, which is a huge relief.

School is Slowing Down
Well, a little. I had two tests today alone, and the workload is overflowing as usual, but more talk of the break is starting and the teachers are starting to be a little nicer.

My Advent Calendar
The family advent calendar has started up again, which is really lovely. Every even-numbered morning, because my mother gets odd, I get to wake up and open a little something as a taster for the holidays. It's such a lovely tradition.

Christmas is Coming
I've started marking down the days till Christmas and the holidays! I'm immensely excited. This is my first break as a high school student.

Snow, Finally Snow
Snow had been taking it's sweet time to fall where I live, so it was extremely satisfying when I saw snow fall on the ground this week.

So those are just a few of the reasons why I love December! You also might've noticed that I've recently started tagging my posts, which is kind of cool! It's my first time doing that!



  1. I love, love winter! The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are always my favorite.
    My family does Advent, too. It really is a lovely tradition. I like your family's idea of "even" and "odd" days. That's pretty cool!
    --Rebecca at The Silver Flute

    1. I love, love winter too! My dad came up with it this year, but we've been using the advent calendar for a few years now, and we didn't want just one family member to get it... Thanks!

  2. Yeah, isn't it tiring to worry about word counts and goals? I'm doing the same, but my only problem is I have another story plot manifesting itself and I'm thinking to myself, "I need a break for a bit." I wish my family does do advent calendars, but we can never really get any on time. And school has been piling up tremendously, especially since I have t take my finals when I come back. But other than that, I'm excited for Christmas! This is the first time my family will be celebrating away from home, but new traditions will end up coming through, right? :D

    xoxo Morning