Friday, 19 December 2014

Lucky Stars: My Friends

Hi blogger friends! I think I'm going to start a little series! With all the holidays coming up and going on this time of year, I've been thinking a lot about being lucky and counting my blessings. So I'm thinking I'm going to start a new little blog post series called Lucky Stars, and every post is going to talk about something or someone I'm grateful for and lucky to have. The first one is going to be about the friends I love so much.

Friends are so important to me, not just because they offer a shoulder to cry on, someone who's got your back, someone who is always there for you whether from up close or far away, and someone who gets you- maybe a little bit more than you get yourself. Someone who shares an unbreakable bond with you, whether it took a while for you to understand and appreciate each other or it was kindred spirits at first sight. My friends and I have gone through a lot together, even while knowing each other for a very little amount of time. Every day, I feel a burst of love for my friends as we reach a new level of understanding.

It doesn't even matter if you're alike- a very good friend of mine and I are different in so many ways. She hates Harry Potter, and I adore it. We have different views on many things- but somehow we make it work. It makes it interesting when you're different. Not that being alike is bad! Another one of my amazing friends is almost a carbon copy of me. And then another is split down the middle- some ways she's exactly like me, others she's not. Whatever pieces make up your friendship jigsaw puzzle, they'll all fit together in the end.

Another way friendships are made are through experiences. Just this morning, a friend and I went through a rather humorous situation that made us bond closer. Everybody laughs, it's a fact of life,  and laughing is the simplest way to direct your message, calm and clear.

I'm so lucky to have my friends, my amazing wonderful friends. They support me and I support them, they love me and I love them, they get me and I try my best to get them. My friends have been spreading so far and wide recently, and I'm so blessed to have the friends I have.