Friday, 30 January 2015

Smile Today

Here are twenty reasons you should smile today:

  1. A cat probably has purred sometime while you pet it.
  2. Someone has trusted you with their deepest secrets.
  3. No one uses to read your blog before, now a ton of people do.
  4. Someone has included you in their prayers.
  5. Someone has a memory including you in which he/she laughs out loud.
  6. Without knowing it, you made someone realise how spectacular you are.
  7. Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea.
  8. You have been the rainbow for your friend's dark cloud-more that once. (credit to T.K for this one)
  9. You have an inside joke with someone that no one else will ever know.
  10. You have missed someone, but they have missed you back.
  11. You have made a teacher laugh (or at least, almost).
  12. Someone has returned your smile.
  13. You've eaten chocolate with a friend.
  14. You've been scared with a friend before- and you both laughed about it later.
  15. If you fake laugh long enough, you’ll actually start to laugh really hard. (credit to other websites)
  16. You were once the youngest person on the planet.
  17. Otters fall asleep holding hands so they won't float away from each other.
  18. You once joined a huge group selfie and TOTALLY felt part of something.
  19. You've seen a minion movie.
  20. You've made someone else smile when they needed it most.

I hope you smiled reading this!


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Let's Have A Party!

Hey bloggers! I'm throwing my hands up in the air, belting out loud music, and tossing around some glowsticks. It's Jollygirl's first ever blog birthday, and she's having a party! Come join her!

I really love the way she designed that little icon. It's so COLORFUL!

When you join the party, you have to answer a few fun questions. Here they are!

 How did you come up with the name of your blog?
Good question. I was playing around with a few names when I first decided I wanted to start playing, and I never knew for sure what my name was going to be until I just found the perfect string of words that would describe my blogging goals and intentions in one little title, if that makes sense.

Favorite party snack? Why? 
Cheese puffs. I love cheese puffs and I never have them on any other occasion.

What type of chocolate is your favorite? Milk, dark, white, or other?

I love milk chocolate. It's the best of both worlds. Sweet enough, but not nauseating.

Describe your favorite memory?
I have a lot! Disney trips, waterparks, graduation from elementary school, camping trips... I guess it was the last night of the DG summit, when everyone was taking a gazillion selfies with everyone and we were all giggling and exchanging phone numbers and singing and dancing. It was truly a wonderful experience.

What is your favorite post that I have published on this blog?
Jollygirl, you've done so many amazing posts that I couldn't pick one favourite. If  I had to choose, it would be the poem you posted once- entitled The Cover. You're an excellent writer.

Okay, this is a random section.
  I'm so excited that Emma Watson (better known as THE Hermione Granger) is going to be playing Belle in the live action Beauty and the Beast movie! AHHH, I'm so excited! She is the perfect Belle. She looks like her, can totally rock dresses, and she's a bookaholic, inside Hermione and out!

Thanks for reading! 



Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

Hi bloggers!

Stella from The night writer's diary just nominated me for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Thanks Stella!

I like this little award button thingy!

Stella's questions:

1. Who is your celebrity crush?
Don't have one.
2. Where do you find the most comfort during the day?
In my very own room in my very own house :)
3. Do you like unicorns? ( I had to ok, it's an obsession).
I think unicorns are swell beings from which we could learn a major lesson.
4. What is your best childhood memory?
I'm going to assume childhood is around four to ten years old. If it's more, than I'm still a child and I don't know what my best memory will be. My best childhood memory is a spy camp I went to with my Girl Guide group, and the whole weekend was a blast. I had little corn pieces and taco meat warmed up in a can by fire, and it was the best meal I had. Ever.
 5. What is your favorite song?
I adore the song Alive by Meatloaf.
6. What is/was your favorite school subject?
7.What would be your perfect day?
Something involving all my friends, a waterpark, and Harry Potter World.
8.If you were to write a book what would it be about?
Ugh, I have so many ideas, I will write a million and they will all be about different things!
9.What is your favorite joke?
Q:Who does Polyphemus hate more than Odysseus?
A: Nobody.
You will get this joke if you are geeky like me.
10.Have you ever solved a Rubik's cube and how long did it take you?
I've been working on the exact same one for five years. No. Joke.
I nominate anyone who wants to do this. Just comment below that you want to and it's yours to take on.
1. Do you remember the first time you had milk and cookies?
2. If you have Videostar, which song is better- Space Unicorn or Space Unicorn Holiday? If you don't, what is the most annoying song you've ever heard?
3. Which highlighter color helps you concentrate the most?
4. What's your favourite number?
5. Who's your favorite kid actor or actress?
6. What's the show you grew up watching as a child?
7. What does water taste like? Answer this. I dare you.
8. Which dystopian do you hate/love the most?
9. Are you still friends with your very first best friend?
10. Do you have a favourite time of the day? What time?
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Favourite Youtubers and Channels

Hi guys!

Today, I'm going to tell you about a few of my favourite YouTubers and YouTube channels. I don't watch a lot of YouTube unless it's on something that interests me or demonstrates something I need. But I do enjoy watching certain Youtube channels.

1. Vsauce
I really like the original Vsauce channel. Micheal answers some very interesting questions, does some fascinating experiences, and makes me question things I wouldn't have thought about before. This channel is more for geeks like me or people who like challenging themselves to question things they normally wouldn't. My favourite videos- Why are Things Creepy (don't watch alone!) and Is Your Red The Same as My Red.

2. Matthew Santoro
I like this channel a lot because it has a TON of interesting facts on stuff that I like, such as miracles and myths and religions. All of them are things like Top Ten lists, or a certain amount of facts about one topic. There is a bit of cussing on this channel but it's still okay for tweens. My favourite videos- The 10 Most Haunted Places on Earth and The 10 Most MYSTERIOUS UFO Sightings of All Time.

This channel is very sciencey-wiencey. There's a ton of cool information on all the interesting topics in science. The narrator always explains things in a clear, understandable way. My favourite videos- Can Video Games Make You Smarter and How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need.

Anyway, I know that wasn't a  lot, but those are the ones I really like and enjoy watching! I'm heading into exam season so if I don't post for a little while, I'm sorry. See you soon (hopefully)!


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Teen Girl in the Middle of Exam Season

Hi guys!
Today I'm going to give all the hints, tips and signs you can find to predict if your average teen girl is in the middle of exam season. I'm a bit like this, but I also have a way to stick myself into hyper-chill mode if studying gets to stressful. I take on this kind of 'it's just a test, it doesn't matter, as long as you know your stuff' attitude. I try not to get super nervous. What's the point? Nervosity (is that the word?) will not get me through exams. I mean, not to sound harsh, but sometimes I'd like to tell some people who freak out way too much about grades and stuff to take a chill pill. I think the best thing you can do is fall somewhere in the middle, so you don't freak out too much but you also study and prepare enough.
 1.She has a ton of post it notes on her desk, in her locker, in her pencil case, on her books... everywhere.
2. She forgets to eat lunch. Or breakfast.
3. Her binder is super organized for once and the dog ears on the papers somehow faded away.
4. She asks a lot of her friend's opinions on what to study the most.
5. All her notes are so multicolored you think you may very well get a seizure.
6.She has an abnormal amount of highlighters in her possession.
7. She walks around with about a million textbooks in her hands.
8. Her hair is not brushed as thoroughly as it always is.
9. All her pencils are sharpened to a perfect point. It's a little scary.
10. She mutters stuff under her breath as she walks down the halls.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that and it gave you a bit of a laugh! Exam season is in two weeks for me, so I apologise if I go all hermit next week studying.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

My DG Web Diary

Hi again!

I promised you I'd share the link to my web diary on the DG website, so here it is- a chance to find out more about me, the writer of this blog (duh) and my experience at the Discovery Girls summit 2014. It came out yesterday and I was so excited to see it online, I was screaming my head off! Anyway, I would love it if you checked it out. It was a hard decision to make whether or not to show you the link, so I'd really appreciate it. Here it is! Enjoy!!


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Eye 4 Design- A fresh blog to follow!

Hi bloggers!

I'm always on the lookout for fun, fresh blogs to try, aren't you? Well, if you are, I've recently been pointed to a blog written by a dear friend of mine, and it's fresh, fun, sweet, and written with love. It's called Eye 4 Design, and even though a lot of the posts revolve around fashion, there's a variety of different posts like recipes, experiences and reviews. You can find a link to it here

I didn't know my friend was such a good writer until I checked out her blog. She has a way of writing everything with a ton of detail and information- without making it obvious! Her blog is fresh and, I don't know how to describe it, kind of summery. It's a really upbeat blog written by a wonderful girl (she was in the Discovery Girls summit with Jollygirl and I)!

Anyway, I hope you go check it out!


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Makeup: My Opinion


Ever see girls walking around your school, their lips are red, their skin is perfect and unblemished, their eyes have no bags but seem to have an unnatural color underneath, and their eyelashes are thick and long and full? Those girls, needless to say, are wearing makeup. But do you wear makeup? Do you want to? Are you allowed? And what kind? I'll tell you my opinion in this post.

Since I am in grade seven, just starting high school, I see a lot of girls walking around school with multicolored you name it: lips, eyebrows, eyelashes... Most girls wear makeup, almost all girls in the older grades. When you want to wash your hands after going to the bathroom at lunch, it's nearly impossible to find a sink that isn't occupied by a girl adjusting her mascara or reapplying eyeliner.

I don't wear makeup, and I don't think I'll have a desire to until I'm at least fourteen or fifteen. I'm happy with my natural look, and I don't find the need to enhance my eyelashes or eyebrows. They're there to prevent dust going into my eyes, and I think that if I start using makeup, I'll become addicted to it like a lot of girls do and I'll forget my natural beauty. I'm afraid that I'll feel like I have to wear makeup every day, otherwise I won't be pretty. But that's not true.

To those of you who do wear makeup, I don't judge you. I think some girls who just use makeup to enhance their natural beauty and who use it well without applying too much can really look beautiful with it. So, those of you who do, I have a question. Do you still feel beautiful without makeup?

I think an appropriate age to start wearing lip gloss that isn't just meant to protect your lips from getting chapped is twelve, but for the whole works, (eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, foundation... this is where my makeup vocabulary ends) a better age is fifteen.

I never really asked if I was allowed to makeup, but I've talked about it with my parents and they seem to agree that girls shouldn't be wearing a lot of makeup as a tween.

 I think the point I'm trying to convey is that it's okay to wear makeup even though I don't find it appropriate until the middle of adolescence, but if makeup means losing touch with your natural beauty, then I don't want to wear it.

Thanks for reading!


Friday, 2 January 2015

A Few More Inspired Words

Though all things come to an end, feelings continue on. Though presents are replaced, ornaments shatter, and candy canes go rotten, my joy for Christmas will never falter.