Sunday, 29 March 2015

Wanderlust: India

Hey, bloggers!

Today I'm doing one of my wanderlust posts. This is my second post on wanderlust and I'm going to be talking about why I want to go to India.

1. The food

I love indian food! It is my favourite type of  cuisine and I love all the different spices that come in Indian food. To try some in the actual country would be awesome.
                                                                   None of these photos are mine

2. The architecture

I really like the cool Indian architecture. I especially like the Taj Mahal. I like the shape of it... and it's just beautiful.

3. The clothing

To fully immerse myself in the culture, I would love to wear these lovely colourful saris. They're beautiful!

4. Singing and dancing

Indian dancing is very unique, and I would love to see it performed in India. 

5. The land

All in all, India is a dazzling place. I would love to go there to see the culture, but I would love to go there and see the land and explore the territories. India is amazing. 

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Update + coming up

Hey bloggers!

You know that severe lull in the school year I told you about? Well, forget about that, because I'm bombarded with tests, projects and homework these days! this is just a quick update. I'm really sorry I don't have time to do a longer post. I'm alive, and I'm just holding on until the next two weeks of projects and tests are done with. I hope you stay with me throughout the next two weeks, and sometime in the next week and a half, I promise I'll do these two posts:

Wanderlust: India
Why I want to visit India, and a bit of gushing and information.

Cheer All Year 2015
The release of my new and improved tag.

Once again, sorry, and I'll see if I can squeeze a post or two in over the next week or so.


                                                           Not mine! From the internet!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Consider Your Amazingness

Hey bloggers!

I've decided to do a bit deeper post today, because I always enjoy them a bit more.

Are you confident in yourself? What do you say to yourself in the mirror every morning? What do you do before you take a test?

First of all, I'd like to cover the difference between modesty, self-deprecation, bragging, and believing you're amazing. There's a huge difference between every single one of them.

Look at it like this, on a scale:

Self-deprecation                    Modesty         Believing you're amazing                           Bragging

^                                                ^                             ^                                                                ^

And in case you didn't understand that, I'll give you an example:

You've just nailed that solo at your school talent show! Everybody was clapping and cheering for you like crazy! Your friend Katelyn comes up to you and says, "OMG!! You did so amazing! You have an amazing voice!!"

A self-deprecating answer would be: 
"No, I didn't. I stunk. My voice was all high-pitched."

Either you actually believe what you're saying, or you feel the need to say this, otherwise it'll sound like you're bragging. If you believe this, continue down the post. If you feel the need to say this, stop right here!! You were amazing and you know it. It's possible to be modest without getting down on yourself. You could actually have amazing confidence, but if you're constantly beating yourself up, you might start to believe it.

A modest answer would be:
"Aww, thanks!" (then you casually blush, shrug
, and compliment Katelyn on her math skills)

This is you being modest, accepting the compliment, and keeping true to what you know is right. But don't be afraid to spice things up!

A believing you're amazing answer would be:
"Thanks Katelyn! I worked really hard on that, and I think it paid off.I'm proud!(then you smile and compliment Katelyn on her math skills)

A bragging answer would be:
"I know. I'm just glad the acoustics didn't mess me up. I was probably the best in the show." (then you do the thing where you frame the bottom of the face with your hands and blow a kiss)

You know which ones are the better answers to give.


This post is dedicated to all the answers, because believe it or not, you're all amazing.

Amazing is my favourite adjective. You know why? Awesome is overused, fabulous sounds like theater jargon (nothing wrong with that but it's just too fabulous for me), great is boring, excellent is used on tests, and extraordinary reminds me of a scifi movie.

Amazing, for me, is something that amazes me. It's something that's beautiful, imperfect, and perfect at the same time. That's why my blog title has the word amazing, and that's why I use amazing to describe my favourite things in the world.

Anyway, back on track. Where was I? Yes.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Notice all the good things. Your shining eyes, your big smile. Deep down, you know what's good about the way you look. And if you can't find anything, look again. Hard. Look at yourself like you're looking at your best friend, and realize how beautiful you look.

Consider your beauty. 

Then, look at your friends. The ones you laugh so hard with, that you can make corny jokes with and expect laughs in return. Look at them and realize how many secrets they've told you, ones that you'll take to the grave. Realize that they see the best in you, and that you see the best in them. Realize there have been bad times, but they've always ended good. Realize the endless stories you'll have to tell to your grand-kids about these crazy people, and realize they'll be there, telling stories alongside you.

Consider your likability. 

Now, look at your family. Your embarrassing parents. Your darling younger sibling. Your bratty older sibling. Your perfect twin. Realize that this is  actually pretty normal.

Consider your normality. 

Consider your quirks. Your oddities. Your strange habits. Realize that you're absolutely the weirdest person on earth, and that no one will ever really get some of the strange things you say.

Consider your strangeness. 

Remember the time you made someone laugh so hard they spit out their gum? Someone responded lol to a text you sent? You made a teacher bite back a laugh? Once, someone looked at your table because someone was laughing so hard at your joke.

Consider your funniness. 

Look at the way you laugh, your bright smile. The time you got a 100% on a quiz. Look at your perfect day. Look at the time you helped someone in need. When you made a new friend. Realize that in that moment, you were perfect.

Consider your perfection.

Look at the zit on your nose, your clumsiness, the scar on your forehead. Look at how you can completely lose control when it comes to food. Realize you don't do that many sports, should really concentrate on academics a bit more. Sometimes you judge people too quickly. Once you said something snarky to your teacher. You completely hurt someon'es feelings once.

Consider your imperfection. 

Put everything together. There's positive. There's negative. There's in between. No matter, who you are, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, clumsy, weak, confident, over confident, under confident, so funny you're annoying, hair colour, eye colour, popular, a nerd, a jock, a person who's completely barmy...

You're amazing.

Consider, if only for a moment, your amazingness. 

Consider that your friends adore you, that your siblings wish they resembled you. that a popular girl might actually want your math skills, that your best friend tells the truth when she says you're beautiful (shoutout to T.K, I.S, R.P,M.W, you know exactly who you are), that your crush might like you back, that you're good at what you love.

It's true.

You're amazing.

Thanks for reading!

(ps want to hear about my imperfections right now? I really should've been doing english homework but I had to get this out. Sometimes, my priorities are just right.)

Monday, 9 March 2015

Interview with Angel!

Hey bloggers!

I've realized that's kind of become my trademark introduction now. That's alright, I think I like it.

I've been really busy these last couple weeks, and I had a whirlwind march break so I've had not a ton of time to post during the last week or so. Or do anything, social media wise. I actually like the break, but I'm not going to quit posting or post less often. I'm back now with a severe lull in the activities in the school year so I promise I'll be posting much more often! My Cheer Al Year tag is under construction right now and I plan to release it by the end of March. Thanks Morningtime4 and Jollygirl for giving me some much needed advice.

Today, I have an interview with a lovely blogger and friend of mind who I know in my real life as well as trhough social media. Her screen name is Angel Creativia, and she is from the lovely blog The Crafter's Curse! I've had her interview in the planning for a while now, and I'm proud to present to you... Angel!

ME:  First of all, introduce yourself. What makes Angel tick? What are her hobbies, her interests, her pet peeves? We want to know!

AC: Hi, Well my Name is Angel, although that’s not my real name. The reason I chose angel was that I was told many times when I was young, that my  name in  means angel and it just stuck in my head. I love to craft and I actually (try to) sell some  of my better ones on my blog. I also love to read and lately I’ve been really trying to write some stories but I only get about as far as the idea. I love to travel and actually right now, I am in New Zealand!  I also love Photography and Art and Dance and a whole lot more in the Creative section. The only part I can’t stand about all of this is that I’m just not getting noticed! I know so many other people that have gone so far and I can’t seem to get anywhere. One thing that annoys me about myself is that I find I’m a very jealous person. And I have to say I don’t like that part of me at all. I try not to be jealous, I really do, but with my blog not getting any views without the help of my English teacher, I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

ME: That's okay! I know a lot of us can sometimes feel jealous! And let's hope this will get you some visibility.Why did you start blogging, and what are you trying to accomplish in the blogging world?

AC: I started a blog about a year or so ago mostly because a lot of my friends were doing it. The only difference was that I actually wanted to go somewhere with it. I started making more crafts and taking really nice photos of them and put them on there. After a while I decided that it would be cool if I could sell them to people so I put a store section on there. And from there, my blog just grew. I have been told by my mother that a couple of her co-workers what to buy my things a while ago, but they still haven’t even looked at my blog, counting on the stats. What I really want to do is be one of people’s best part of their day. I want to put a smile on their face with my very (awkward) and realistic words. (Realistic as in, how someone would really speak).

ME: I totally agree that we can use some more realisticness in the blogging world. The first thing I noticed about your blog is your super cool design with the waves in the background! Why did you choose that design?

AC: Really, there’s nothing really special about the background. When I started my blog I was just scrolling through the basic designs until this one caught my eye. Just lately, when I was checking out some of the features my blog had, I noticed that you could actually change the background. I looked through all of the different ones and I actually found some crafting backgrounds, but I wanted to stick with the waves. There was something about them when I first chose the website skin that made me like it more than the others and that same spark just stayed with me. It could be that I only ever dream of living by the ocean or something, but it just stuck.

ME: Talk to us about your blog. What do you normally post about, and why? What makes it different?

AC: I normally post about my crafts in the blog section. I have a couple of other posts like, an  about something (like why I’ve been away so long) and on Halloween I posted about my Cosplay. Lately, I have been posting everyday in the travel section of my blog. I am in New Zealand and in the 18-day-super-long-stupid-me-why-did-I-start-it-that-early-countdown, I promised that I would be keeping a journal about what I did everyday and I plan to do that on future trips as well. When I’m bored or I just feel like I haven’t posted in a while, I do a review on books and movies and then I post a chapter from one of my friend’s almost-a-book-stories. I posted one on you too, Oakstar, and I plan on doing so for a couple more if you don’t mind. Only because they are actually really hard to make, I only occasionally post a video blog (vlog). I’ve actually just started to post some of my Photography and I plan on trying to sell the digital copies, the printed copies, the printed copies framed and un-proffessional photo shoots. I think my blog is very different from others because I’m trying to actually sell things on it and not to mention, I have a lot of different sections!

ME: What are your blogging goals for 2015?

AC: I really want to make my first sales this year, I mean, I just got business cards too! Another thing I want to do, is post more often and be more reliable to the 3 people who do check my blog more often. 

ME: What do you look for in the blogs YOU read? 

AC: I don’t necessarily look for anything in a blog. I just read and most of the time I find it very interesting. The first two thing I look at in a blog though is the title and background. If i’m going through a whole bunch of blogs, then the title will definitely catch my eye and if the background is just plain white or something, I might not want to click on it. I know it sound like I judge the book by it’s cover, but that’s because I do. If you don’t have an interesting look, most people won’t want to stop and look at your blog. Make it interesting and more people might see your blog. (A couple words of wisdom, hehe). 

ME: What's your favorite book? Movie? TV show? Fandom? Am I asking too many questions?

AC: Okay, I have a gigantic list (mentally) of all my favourite things. Favourite books, is more like favourite book series, and thats plural too! I love the Harry Potter series, Canterwood Crest Academy, Wings of Fire, The summer series (The summer I turned pretty, etc.) , Eon series, and a lot more! Favourite movies include Brave, If I stay, Harry Potter (obviously), How to Train your dragon, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and (once again) a lot more. I’m very sorry I’m giving you so much, but I still have more. TV shows include, My little Pony, How I met your Mother, Phyc, and probably more but that’s all I can think of now. My Famdoms include My little Pony, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit and Star Wars.

ME: How often do you post?

AC: I usually post when I come up with a new craft I can sell, but lately (as I said earlier) I’ve been posting every day in my travel section. I try to post as often as I can though. A lot of times, I just have trouble coming up with crafts so I post in my other sections that are easier to update/write about.

ME: Are there any other elements to your blog you'd like to tell us about? Like a different section?

AC: I have 10 sections in my Blog. The first is labeled “Home” and it’s just the overview of what you’ll find on my blog. The second is called “Blog” where I post all of my crafts. The third section is the “Store” where you can buy my crafts/photography. Then I have “Reviews” where I take a certain movie or book and write a review. Then there’s “Travel Adventures” where I just started to write about all of my travels. “Photography” is where you can see some of my photos that you might want to get or to convince you to get a photo shoot. I don’t really post ver often on “Vlogs” because they take a lot of time to  make and not to mention you have to have the right lighting, etc. “Stories” is where I post some of my friend’s stories and somewhere in the future I will be posting my own. Then I have the “About” section where there is one paragraph about myself and “Contact” section just so that you can say anything you want to me.

ME: What is something you're excited about in 2015?

AC: I am really excited about all the travels I’m going to be doing this year! Right now I’m in New Zealand, so that’s a start. Then during Easter break, I’m going to Orlando so I can go to Universal Studios’ Harry Potter World (I AM SO EXCITED!!!!) And I’m going to Germany on my own this summer for 3 weeks to visit my cousins! Another thing I’m really excited about is all the new possibilities I have now that my parents know that I’m really serious about this blog thing. I might be able to start selling my crafts this summer at the local craft market. And so much more.

BONUS: Anything else you'd like to add before signing off?
I can’t thank you enough for interviewing me and I can’t wait to read more of your stories. 
Anyway, I hope you liked it! And don’t be afraid to be “Cursed” ;)

It was really my pleasure! And sorry it took such a long time to get out!
Next few posts: Cheer All Year, Wanderlust: Paris, People Can Be Amazing

See you next time!