Sunday, 15 March 2015

Consider Your Amazingness

Hey bloggers!

I've decided to do a bit deeper post today, because I always enjoy them a bit more.

Are you confident in yourself? What do you say to yourself in the mirror every morning? What do you do before you take a test?

First of all, I'd like to cover the difference between modesty, self-deprecation, bragging, and believing you're amazing. There's a huge difference between every single one of them.

Look at it like this, on a scale:

Self-deprecation                    Modesty         Believing you're amazing                           Bragging

^                                                ^                             ^                                                                ^

And in case you didn't understand that, I'll give you an example:

You've just nailed that solo at your school talent show! Everybody was clapping and cheering for you like crazy! Your friend Katelyn comes up to you and says, "OMG!! You did so amazing! You have an amazing voice!!"

A self-deprecating answer would be: 
"No, I didn't. I stunk. My voice was all high-pitched."

Either you actually believe what you're saying, or you feel the need to say this, otherwise it'll sound like you're bragging. If you believe this, continue down the post. If you feel the need to say this, stop right here!! You were amazing and you know it. It's possible to be modest without getting down on yourself. You could actually have amazing confidence, but if you're constantly beating yourself up, you might start to believe it.

A modest answer would be:
"Aww, thanks!" (then you casually blush, shrug
, and compliment Katelyn on her math skills)

This is you being modest, accepting the compliment, and keeping true to what you know is right. But don't be afraid to spice things up!

A believing you're amazing answer would be:
"Thanks Katelyn! I worked really hard on that, and I think it paid off.I'm proud!(then you smile and compliment Katelyn on her math skills)

A bragging answer would be:
"I know. I'm just glad the acoustics didn't mess me up. I was probably the best in the show." (then you do the thing where you frame the bottom of the face with your hands and blow a kiss)

You know which ones are the better answers to give.


This post is dedicated to all the answers, because believe it or not, you're all amazing.

Amazing is my favourite adjective. You know why? Awesome is overused, fabulous sounds like theater jargon (nothing wrong with that but it's just too fabulous for me), great is boring, excellent is used on tests, and extraordinary reminds me of a scifi movie.

Amazing, for me, is something that amazes me. It's something that's beautiful, imperfect, and perfect at the same time. That's why my blog title has the word amazing, and that's why I use amazing to describe my favourite things in the world.

Anyway, back on track. Where was I? Yes.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Notice all the good things. Your shining eyes, your big smile. Deep down, you know what's good about the way you look. And if you can't find anything, look again. Hard. Look at yourself like you're looking at your best friend, and realize how beautiful you look.

Consider your beauty. 

Then, look at your friends. The ones you laugh so hard with, that you can make corny jokes with and expect laughs in return. Look at them and realize how many secrets they've told you, ones that you'll take to the grave. Realize that they see the best in you, and that you see the best in them. Realize there have been bad times, but they've always ended good. Realize the endless stories you'll have to tell to your grand-kids about these crazy people, and realize they'll be there, telling stories alongside you.

Consider your likability. 

Now, look at your family. Your embarrassing parents. Your darling younger sibling. Your bratty older sibling. Your perfect twin. Realize that this is  actually pretty normal.

Consider your normality. 

Consider your quirks. Your oddities. Your strange habits. Realize that you're absolutely the weirdest person on earth, and that no one will ever really get some of the strange things you say.

Consider your strangeness. 

Remember the time you made someone laugh so hard they spit out their gum? Someone responded lol to a text you sent? You made a teacher bite back a laugh? Once, someone looked at your table because someone was laughing so hard at your joke.

Consider your funniness. 

Look at the way you laugh, your bright smile. The time you got a 100% on a quiz. Look at your perfect day. Look at the time you helped someone in need. When you made a new friend. Realize that in that moment, you were perfect.

Consider your perfection.

Look at the zit on your nose, your clumsiness, the scar on your forehead. Look at how you can completely lose control when it comes to food. Realize you don't do that many sports, should really concentrate on academics a bit more. Sometimes you judge people too quickly. Once you said something snarky to your teacher. You completely hurt someon'es feelings once.

Consider your imperfection. 

Put everything together. There's positive. There's negative. There's in between. No matter, who you are, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, clumsy, weak, confident, over confident, under confident, so funny you're annoying, hair colour, eye colour, popular, a nerd, a jock, a person who's completely barmy...

You're amazing.

Consider, if only for a moment, your amazingness. 

Consider that your friends adore you, that your siblings wish they resembled you. that a popular girl might actually want your math skills, that your best friend tells the truth when she says you're beautiful (shoutout to T.K, I.S, R.P,M.W, you know exactly who you are), that your crush might like you back, that you're good at what you love.

It's true.

You're amazing.

Thanks for reading!

(ps want to hear about my imperfections right now? I really should've been doing english homework but I had to get this out. Sometimes, my priorities are just right.)


  1. Amazing isn't as overused as awesome. Sometimes I can be really insecure (I'm barely five feet tall now) but this made me feel better. And ah, the power of procrastination. I should be studying Bio, sending messages via text about babysitting and track, but I am on my laptop, trying catch up and comment on my blog feed and trying to break a fight that came out against my friends, ahh!

    xoxo Morning

    1. I'm glad this made you feel better! That's not terribly short. I'm only sbout five feet myself, and there are even shorter kids than me in my grade.

      Procrastination rocks :) besides, if I was actually doing my English homework, wouldn't I be procrastinating on doing this blog post?

      Good luck!

  2. This post is so amazingly positive and I feel like I should read it when I'm down on myself. Every single person has this impact on people, so I guess we're all.. amazing.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I'm so glad that this encouraged you! Thanks for being amazing!

  3. That moment when you have to look up a word that a 12 year old used in her blog. AMAZING! Just like everyone and and everything! From someone barmy, and embarrassing! ;-)

  4. This must be my favorite post that you have ever written! It's so uplifting, encouraging and positive. I learned so much about those four words throughout this post, and I learned so much advice in life! Oakstar, you are amazing!

    1. Thanks so much Jollygirl! I was so happy to read your comment. You are just as amazing! Lylas

      And it was my favourite to write!

  5. Really nice post!