Thursday, 9 April 2015

My Favourite Everything

Hello bloggers!

Today, I'll be doing just a fun little post about my favourite everything.

Subjects are: books, tv shows, colour, candy, type of food, song, youtuber/ channel, holiday


The Harry Potter series. It's just amazing. This is followed closely by these stand-alone books: The Big Summer by Jamie B. Laurie (this is one of my fandoms but sadly not a ton of people know about this book so I'm stuck alone fangirling all by myself), and Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality by Elizabeth Eulberg.

T.V. Shows

First: Doctor Who. It's Doctor Who! Absolutely everything about it is WONDERFUL, and I love it so much!  Second: Survivor. It's a huge dream of mine to get on and compete. The only problem is that I'm Canadian and kind of need United States citizenship to compete. 


White, followed by purple. They're appealing to me. 


Gummy bears. They're so colourful, and joyful, and chewy and juicy and perfect.

Type of Food

Indian food! I love how spicy it is. It offers a variety of mouth-watering flavours that I just LOVE. 


Alive by Meatloaf. I love classic Rock 'n' Roll, and the song offers just that. And I really like mouthing the lyrics too.

Youtuber/ Channel

It's a tie between Vsauce and Superwoman. Vsauce is fascinating and educational, and answers all my bizzare questions, but Superwoman is just so funny that I have trouble containing my laughter watching her videos. (by the way, is anyone else terrified of Miranda Sings?) 


Christmas! Everything is just so colourful and snowy and happy. Traditions are precious, and I have a ton of those. It's just a magical holiday. Christmas is followed by April Fool's, because I just love pranking my friends and family.

Did you like that? I'm thinking of doing some more stuff like this in the near future. Tell me what you think in the comments!


coming up: Shared Experiences Can Connect People, Book Review: Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality



  1. WE ARE TWINNING RIGHT NOW. Harry Potter for lifeee! DOCTOR WHO IS AHHHH. And, TEAM SUPER! Yes. *high fives you*


    1. YES, OH MY GOODNESS YES. *high fives you back*

  2. Harry Potter is so good, I have the collection of books and movies and own a scarf and board game and the Comic Relief spinoff book collection and I'm fangirling again aren't I?

  3. ARE WE TWINS?! I think we're twins. I've never met anyone who likes April Fool's Day as much as I do. ;) It drives my parents crazy. I changed their Facebook profile pictures to cats this year. They left them up for the whole day because I told them I'd just change them back if they did.

    1. I MET MY TWIN, YAY!!! Haha, that's great!


    amelie ;)