Saturday, 11 April 2015

Surprise Post- My Trombone!

Hey bloggers!

This is just a quick post- I originally wasn't going to do this post but I decided to live in the moment and just write. I've started playing the trombone!

At my school, my grade gets the slightly shabbier instruments because we are younger and the new ones cost an exorbitant amount of money if broken. My case and the trombone itself are pretty banged up, but that just adds to the character of the lovely instrument.

I've played the trombone before, but that was only in elementary school and now I'm willing to expand my knowledge and learn how to advance on my instrument. I love the fact that nearly no one else plays it, just me and a few other kids. It makes such a lovely sound, and even though it is huge it is not that heavy. I do admit to having some difficulties getting it in my locker, but it's all part of the high school experience.

I took this picture outside of my school today.

Thanks for reading!



  1. You play the trombone? Whoa! I play violin, though there are some days I crave to play other instruments such as the piano or the cello.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Me too. I would love to learn how to play the flute, the guitar, and the french horn.