Sunday, 31 May 2015

Ideas for A Summer Without Boredom

I hate the final days before exams.

They are busy.

They detract from my social life, which is minimum as it is.

They are stressful.

They are pointless, because shouldn't we know this all by now?

But most of all, they prevent me from blogging as much I like. Sorry bloggers!

Anyways, more posts about Maine and Concord are on their way, I just don't have the time to upload all the pictures and give as much thought as I would like to them. I will soon! So today, I'm going to give you some ideas for a summer... without boredom! A lot of us run out of things to do in the summer, and so I'm going to give you ideas on how NOT to go down the road of spending the majority of your summer watching youtube videos and playing video games, like most of my guy friends will be doing this summer.

1. Learn a new instrument. Buy one cheap at a garage sale and learn how to play. Perfect your new skills and put on a show.

2. Learn magic. All you need is the internet and a stack of cards.

3. Bake, or cook.

4. Write something and memorize it, like a monologue or a sonnet.

5. Learn algebra. It can actually be fun to challenge yourself with new or harder equations, and you can get an extra edge for school.

6. Start a random business.

7. Make soap.

8. Learn how to make giant bubbles. Make them.

9. Frolic in the fields. I dare you.

10. Pretend you're from another culture for a day. Learn some basic language and speak like them, eat like them, wear what they wear, and practice their customs.

11. Create a crazy personality and make a fake (or real) youtube channel with this personality.

12. Make pencils.

13. Take up photography and get really good at it.

14. Organize a group gathering with your friends, and give it a wacky theme.

15. Go on a picnic.

16. Call your best friend.

17. Volunteer somewhere.

18. Redecorate your room with fandom stuff.

19. Give yourself a new smell. Experiment with different smells and figure out which one is for you. It sounds stupid, I know, and maybe you're not into smells and like to be natural, which I totally understand. Give yourself a new... name, then. And walk around with it for a day.

20. Do something crazy. This one's up to you.

Have a great summer!!!


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Gummy Bear Photography

Hallo bloggers! This is my second... wait... yes, second blog post on my trip to Vermont/Maine/Concord. On the way to Concord, my family and I stopped by one of those pitstop areas with little cafes and gas stations and facilities. We needed some junk for the car, so naturally, I got GUMMY BEARS.

Green on my jeans :D
And, being myself and bored in the car, I decided to snap a few pictures of them while eating 'em. Delicious!
I swear they all went in my mouth after this :P
All the orange (I had left...)
Orange you glad you're reading this post?

Thanks for reading (and looking!) This was short but definitely sweet! Comment your favourite pic :P


Thursday, 21 May 2015

My First Paid Reviewing Gig

Hey bloggers! Here is my first Maine/Concord trip post about a few of my adventures along the way.

It was the kind of Friday morning that made me want to stay home, inside, with a sweater on. The cold outside wrapped around me like a bunny-hug, and the wind whipped my frazzled hair back and forth.

When all of our luggage was hauled into the car, we hit the road. We grabbed a small, unhealthy drive-thru as a mini breakfast, and I did something totally productive (ahem) like watching Doctor Who on my tablet. The drive was long and dull.

It took us only a few hours to get to the U.S. border, but by the time we got there, the bottomless cavern that is my stomach was already hungry. So we drove all the way to Vermont to grab a second breakfast- hobbit styled.

The Wayside was a local breakfast joint that basically hosted the whole small town for breakfast every day... all day! It was charming, quirky, and kind of eclectic with stools and sweet sayings on signs.

The food was delicious, I had sweet, fluffy blueberry pancakes, unique home fries, and perfectly balanced chocolate milk. The service was better than the standard.

Now, to the title of this post. Next to every table and booth, on the windowsill there'd be a card that read...

A penny for your thoughts! How sweet was that! Inside, there was a little comment card, and here's where the title comes in... there was an actual penny taped to the inside.

This may seem ridiculous, and I know it is. But it was just another sweet memory made on my vacation. I filled out the comment card with lots of positive feedback. And this is a way to segue into a challenge I'm doing for Amelie B. Always go for positive or constructive feedback! Encourage people to be their best and improve, because they, just like you...

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Colourful Photography

I'm alive bloggers! I've been on a road trip and I didn't have the greatest blogging device, leading to the lack of posts in the recent past. Here is some colourful photography by moi. Enjoy, and expect a lot more posts coming from me in the next week about my trip to Maine, Concord and New Hampshire.

I can't believe this was taken with my Iphone!

Here's a flower and my thumb. 

Who else has a gummy bear obsession? 

Converse, even the knockoffs, will always hold a dear place in my heart.

You're beautiful. 

Thanks for reading :)


Monday, 11 May 2015

Summer Bucket List Tag

Hey bloggers! I've decided to do The Summer Bucket List Tag, because I have a feeling that if I write it down somewhere where other people can see it, it'll motivate me to do it and there are more chances of everything getting done. Here it goes!

1. Have a backyard campout with my good friends, complete with a movie marathon, s'mores, and flashlight tag. I think you can guess how fun this would be.

2. Hit my 100 posts. I'm so excited for this!

3. Enter two writing contests and one photography contest. I want to challenge myself!

4. Get my babysitter's license. There has recently been a stream of younger children moving into my neighborhood, and I'm finally of age.

5. Spend the 4th of July in America with my best friend. She lives on a farm in a small town and I would love to experience the American culture!

6. Go to the DG summit reunion and reconnect with all the amazing girls there!

7. Improve my swimming skills and by the end of the summer, be able to do 15 push ups in a row.

8. Over the summer, read at least 15 books and complete writing a novel.

9. Meet some new people and step out of my comfort zone to make friends.

10. Go to either a workshop of some kind or find a youth leadership camp to look into.

11. Make a mini documentary, Tibby- styled.

12. Volunteer at a senior residence for a day.

13. Go to a waterpark.

14. Be a perfect shallow- diver by the end of the summer. I've swum for a long enough time to do it properly.

15. Do something with an idea I've had for the longest time.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

65 days, and 34 posts

There are 65 more days until my blog turns a year old.

I'd have been blogging for One. Whole Year.

I've totally loved every minute of it.

Even though it's a low number, I feel honored to have had 16 people already discover and like my blog enough to follow it.

Thank you, followers.

I have blogged 66 posts, not counting this one. I'd like to have my 100th blog post published on my blog birthday. This means I need to do 34 posts.

It will be a difficult task for me. It will be a challenge, a struggle. But this is something I want to do with all of my heart. It'll take dedication, but I believe I can do it.

I'll be blogging a lot. Once every day, sometimes every second day. I'm going to try my very hardest to succeed.

Thanks for being there on this journey with me.


Friday, 8 May 2015

A Quirk Of My Own

I adore holidays.

You're probably thinking right now: "No duh, of course she likes holidays! Everybody likes 'em. Does she think I'm a fool?"

Well, sure, I love Christmas. Halloween is super fun. Thanksgiving is delicious. Easter is bright and colourful. Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion to express your feelings for someone you care about. But I'm not talking about THOSE holidays. I'm talking about the under appreciated holidays. The ones that are official, but no one knows about them because either they aren't a religious celebration of some sort, and it is not a government holiday. 

These holidays get pushed to the side and ignored. They're left out. No one celebrates them. No one cares. But these holidays are actually really fun, unique, and special. 

My quirk: I celebrate all of them.

Okay, so I don't take them as seriously as Christmas. But still, I try to honor each and every one of these holidays, simply by tossing out a few "Happy...." to passersby on the streets.

Every day, I inform my friends of these holidays so they can celebrate them with me. 

These holidays are super fun to celebrate. For instance, did you know that today is Giving Sharks a Voice Day? More people a year are killed by vending machines than they are by sharks. Sharks, even while being carnivores, are more peaceful than humans. Yet why are we  so scared of them? Because of their Jaws? Because of Jaws the movie? Think again before you say that you hate sharks.

See what I just did there? I did my part in celebrating that holiday! Happy Give Sharks a Voice Day! Every holiday deserves respect. 

Did you know that May 11th is Eat What You Want Day? And that on the same day is Root Canal Appreciation Day? You see what I mean, how fun these holidays can be!!!

And they're not fake. They're all official holidays, yet no one celebrates them. Some may be more obscure than others, but they are all authentic.

Limerick Day is on the twelfth, and on the fourth, it was International Respect for Chickens Day.On the fifteenth it will be Straw Hat Day. There's always more than one every single day, why not pick a few and celebrate them?

I suppose this is pretty quirky and odd of me. But I believe that all holidays deserve respect, and that's why I try to take the time to remember them.

If there's a holiday every single day, that means that there is a reason to be happy.So if you're ever feeling down, why not look up the day's holidays so you can see there's a reason to celebrate? Treat every day like Christmas, and keep the cheer going all year.

Keep celebrating!!


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

You and Me

When faced with danger
You take a step nearer
One more chance to live
All you've got you will give
You don't even care
You treat life like a spare
About those who love you, you don't even think
Every day their fear is pushed to the brink

When faced with danger
I take a step farther
I'm too scared to live
Myself, I'll probably never forgive
Every single day, I live my life in despair
All of my fear is too heavy to bare
Into a bottomless pit, I continue to sink
If I wasn't so cautious, I might be able to blink

Written by Oakstar

This poem, written by me, is a first try at a poem with a deeper message to it. I made it rhyme because rhyming's... let's be honest... fun, but as I got into writing it, I noticed that there was a deeper meaning to my poem.

In this poem, there are two people. The first poetic paragraph (I'm pretty sure there's a word for this but I've forgotten this) is about one, referenced as "you". "You" is a daredevil who goes to extreme heights to live life and gain experiences. But "you" doesn't even care about life, he's not careful enough and he doesn't realize how precious it is. "You"'s loved ones are worried sick about him, and he doesn't think of them.

Then there is "me". "Me" is terrified of danger. "Me" is not comfortable separating outside of her (let's just say it's her, it doesn't actually mean it's a her) comfort zone, and she's too afraid to do anything risky. She is guilty, and so worried that she's sinking into a dark place. The last line shows how scared she is of the world. She can hardly blink.

Neither of these attitudes are good. Both of them are pushed to the extreme, and neither of them are healthy. Finding a balance between taking risks and being cautious is so important in this modern world. But if there was a better one, which would it be? Tell me in the comments! 

I'm not a poet, and this is my first try at poetry. This is certainly not an amazing poem, but I'd sure love some constructive criticism as well if you had any! Thank you!


Monday, 4 May 2015

Rare Things I Fangirl About

By things, I mean movies, books, television series, people... Let me get started.

1. Wallace & Gromit & Shaun the Sheep
I cannot express how much I love this sheep

I absolutely loved Wallace and Gromit growing up, they were an amazing cartoon duo! I still love them. The Curse of the Were Rabbit was my all-time favourite and first horror-ish movie. And their super cool inventions? And the fact that Gromit was always smarter than Wallace? And that in every single mini movie or movie, Wallace fell in love with a different female. AND LOOK AT SHAUN. HE IS THE CUTEST SHEEP. EVER. He's so cheeky and adorable, and did you know they are going to be making a big screen movie based on Shaun the Sheep? I hope there are Wallace and Gromit cameos, because they live in the same world.

2. Vsauce

Most people will fangirl over Dan and Phil, Superwoman, Tyler Oakley... and believe me, I fangirl over that as well. But I totally adore the Vsauce channel on youtube. They answer so many of my weird questions, and I've learned a ton watching. And Micheal's eyes... they're freaky. 

3. Johnny Fairplay on Survivor

He's disliked, people think he's totally gross, and he's a cheeky and absolutely not fair player, and even if all of this is true, Johnny Fairplay is awesome. He's totally weird, but he's just a total Survivor classic. He's super awesome, and when my mom asks me why I like him so much, I simply reply: "It's JOHNNY FAIRPLAY MUM." I'm positive nearly none of you have any idea what I'm talking about, but he is totally cool and so is Survivor.

4. Arthur

Arthur was the best cartoon television show I watched at a young age. By far. And sometimes, I even still watch it and reminisce, thinking about the old times when I could sit in my pyjamas all day with a glass of chocolate milk and just watch cartoons. I miss those times.

5. Skellig by David Almond and David Almond Himself

I love David Almond's writing, and the story of Skellig is emotional, moving and very powerful. And at a time when I didn't have that many great friends, the girl in the picture, Mina Mckee, became my best friend. David Almond's writing means so much to me, and so do the characters in his works. I highly recommend the books, and the Skellig movie they made was a pretty bad interpretation of the book, but good on it's own.

And those were just some of the things that I fangirl about, that no one else really seems to. But don't get me wrong, I am a pretty normal fangirl as well, fangirling a lot about:

1. Supernatural
2. Doctor Who
3. Harry Potter
4. Hunger Games
5.Gilmore Girls
6. Survivor
7. Survivor

Haha, umm, am I fangirling again??