Monday, 22 June 2015

The Cormoran Strike Series by JK Rowling (yes, you read that right)

Hey bloggers!

I recently did The Book Challenge on Noor's blog, and it was refreshing, fun, and interesting. It was intriguing enough that my lovely friend GirlRadio decided to do it, and something very very- what's the word- oh yes- CONCERNING- caught my eye. 

When I answered the book challenge questions, I mentioned a couple times about the Cormoran Strike series by JK Rowling (alias Robert Galbraith) under what I wished would turn into a movie.

I can't believe this 

Then, as I read GirlRadio's post about The Challenge, I was immensely surprised that she- a complete potterhead and fellow Hogwarts student, fangirl extraordinaire had only just heard about the Cormoran Strike novels. Maybe it was even through me! 


Then it hit me. Not everyone has heard of these books yet. 

These books are so freaking amazing! They are just as good as the Potter series ever was. JK Rowling never ceases to amaze me with her talent and creativity.

She has so far released to books about Cormoran Strike under the alias Robert Galbraith. Here are the links to the descriptions:

She will be releasing a third by the end of October, and I'm so excited! 

Rowling- or Galbraith- is probably my favourite author of all time. And the Cormoran Strike novels captivated me just as much as the Harry Potters series did. They were more mature, delved deeper into Rowling's capability, and were simply OUTSTANDING. 

A bit more about the novels:

Cormoran Strike is an overweight, army veteran private detective with a severed leg. He solves cases with extreme geniosity and his secretary, Robin, the red-haired feminist. The content in these books is quite mature. In the first book, there is a lot of violence and murder that looks like suicide, with a brief mention of what you would call dirty romance. 

However, it's much cleaner than the second book, which's entire plot kind of revolves around the brutal death of a writer that likes and writes about... how do I put this... what happens in our favourite book about a certain color (hint heavy sarcasm). 

Overall rating for Cuckoo's Calling: 4.5/5
Silkworm: 5/5

THESE BOOKS ARE AMAZING. It feels like my job to pass the knowledge of them onto unknowing potterheads. I must spread the wisdom. It's my mission, my purpose in life.

These are books written by JK Rowling. 

They are delightful. 

So read them. 





  2. JK Rowling is my favorite author too! I decided to do her for a biography project last year, so I know a lot about her. I felt SO ashamed of myself when I learned of this utter tragedy of me not having already read it .....

    Shine on,