Saturday, 11 July 2015

GirlRadio's Takeover

Hey, internet geeks!

GirlRadio and I have decided to do a guest post swap on each others' blogs. Except... we didn't want it to be just a regular guest post swap about something random. So, after a bit of thinking, we created a new hashtag about embracing diversity. Everytime I take on a post about embracing differences and loving unconditionally, or simply about what people together can do, I'll be branding it with the tag #togetherwecan.

This is a little challenge GirlRadio and I took on for ourselves, but feel free to join! Write a post related to this topic, and send us a link to it through the comments! I'd love to hear what you have to say. Let us set the blogging community on fire, shall we?

Let's give it away to GirlRadio!!!

​Hello everyone! I'm GirlRadio from Nerd Glasses and Wanderlust and I'm doing a guest post swap with the amazing Oakstar. We've been blogging buddies for almost a year, despite us living in different countries and being roughly 3,000 miles apart. 

Here's a few fun facts about me - I love Superwoman videos and ​cookies 'n' cream ice cream, plus my birthday is the eighth-least common in the US. I love to perform, write, code, blog, travel, and I'm quite a chatterbox. I also enjoy roller coasters, animals doing funny things (don't get me started on llamas and elephants), and reading.

​So let me get into the actual post​.

You may know that Oakstar and I have launched a hashtag, #TogetherWeCan, to inspire everyone and show them the strength in numbers. We also set our minds on a growing problem, intolerance of diversity. We believe while this problem cannot be entirely diminished, it's a cause worth fighting for - and #TogetherWeCan is our best effort toward it. So I have few words on this topic.

The United States and Canada have been subject to a lot of immigration from those of foreign citizenship who seek a better life - causing these nations to be seen as melting pots of cultures. What does that mean? Everywhere you go, the faces you see are colorful, you hear languages beside English, and the people you meet have lived in many different places. This diversity makes our lives more interesting. I can't imagine living somewhere in which everyone was the same. 

Suppose a few friends and I were partners for a country report project and were discussing which country to report on. Say I proposed Germany, but my friend Kate said that Germany was boring and that we should do Australia. I'm not German, but let me step into that role; the best response I can think of would be, "I'm German, and I'm offended by that. I think it's best to be more open-minded - if you give Germany a chance, you might find that you're very interested in the country! I'm willing to research Australia; I just think your statement was a little harsh."  Just this difference of opinion can be considered diversity. And it can be a good thing. Maybe you wind up doing Australia for your project, and you really like it! Getting a response across that makes it clear that you were offended without being rude can be challenging, but you can do it. 

If you live by these words and embrace differences, then you'll gain a better understanding of the world. Some are still stuck on a phase, thinking that everyone is merely a carbon copy of each other.

Think of all of the diversity out there. Diversity is, to me, a bite out of our small yet big world.
Shine on,GirlRadio


Thanks so much GirlRadio, that was superb! Also, feel free to check out my post on her blog, as well as her blog in general if you haven't yet seen it. 




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