Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fall Bucket List

Yes... in case you didn't have enough of them clouding up your blog feed.

1. Watch The Blob, Frankenstein, and Dracula. Any other suggestions?

Does this look like a clump of strawberry jam to you?

2. Read To Kill a Mockingbird and whatever other classic literature I may stumble upon.

3. Buy a pumpkin scented candle because they seem to be all the rage nowadays.

4. Bake apple pies.

5. Go apple/pumpkin picking.

6. Make leaf piles and jump in them.

7. Take amazing fall pictures.

8. Visit a haunted house.

9. Read under my giant tree in the backyard.

10. Try a pumpkin spice latte.

11. Make chili.

12. Have a Halloween- themed birthday party.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Must We Be Outgoing

She's so antisocial. 

He must be so shy. 


No, she's not.

No, he's not.

And, well, scientifically speaking, yes, but no. Just no.

Why do introverts have such a bad rep?

Why must we be so outgoing?

Introverts think. They are very imaginative. They look at people and have brilliant ideas.

Extroverts share, they care. They're the first to ask you a question about your day. They look at you and give you a bright smile.

Extroverts, or outgoing people, tend to make more friends, because they give off a vibe that says "I really want to be friends".

But, guys, INTROVERTS ARE NICE TOO. THEY CARE ABOUT YOU. They'll help you pick up your books if you drop them, give you a quiet smile as you pass them in the hallway. They'll give you wise advice, they'll develop a deep connection with you.

So why, might I ask, are we afraid to be introverted? Why does introvert always mean antisocial. shy, and worst of all, mean?

The answer is simple: society. Afraid to be ourselves. Afraid to listen to music, read a book. Just because an introvert can't stand large crowds, has to take a break between social gatherings, and won't ask you five billion questions in under five minutes, doesn't mean they don't like people. They like people. They just feel more powerful when they're by themselves. We're taught from a young age to talk a lot, spend more time with people than alone.

I'm half introvert, half extrovert myself. Just because I don't answer all my texts because I'm busy, I don't know, writing or something, does not mean that I hate talking to you.

So, society, why are you discouraging introverts from being themselves?

I pledge, from this day forward, to not judge an introvert by their cover. It's okay if you're not outgoing. Tell me your deep thought when you are ready, I'm more than excited to hear it.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Art of Losing Pencils

Here, oh here, my jolly reader,
I present to you,
The skill of losing pencils,
Yes, many more than two.

It starts on the first day of school,
They are all so shiny,
You open your pencil case, thinking you're cool,
But then you drop one. Blimey!

One is cracked, and one gets lost.
Now you're stuck,
No more like a boss.
In all circumstances, this kind of sucks.

Your friend borrows two,
They never return.
One's snapped by a shoe
And two get burned.

You're starting to wonder
If they just disappear
Over pencils you ponder
And wipe back a tear.

On the tenth day of school,
You've lost just as many,
The teachers say they are a non valuable tool,
But how come you don't have any?


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Must We Follow Trends


Ugg boots.

Starbucks drinks.

Clicky pens, the capped ones are for dorks.

All of these are huge social trends nowadays, ones that we all succumb to in day to day life. It could be as simple as the thickness of the highlighters we buy for back-to-school (admit it, you try to stay away from the thick ones, they're "really dorky"). But it could be as big as wearing makeup at a young age,  or starting to date even though you're not even a teenager.

But why do we do these things? In a society that's constantly pressuring us to buy this, do that, where does one go to find a non-biased opinion, someone who's basing their opinions, preferences, likes and dislikes off of their own self?

Why do we post countless filtered selfies on instagram, all with that really weird kissy face? What happened to smiling? Why does everyone who's anyone wear yoga pants tucked into Ugg boots during the winter? Why are all of the teenage girls suddenly obsessed with Starbucks drinks?




Trends. They follow trends. They see what everyone else is doing, particularly what all of the popular kids are doing, and they copy them in hopes to be looked at as normal.

Normal. Funny word, isn't it? Normal. Not special, not unique, not original or inventive or innovative or extraordinary. Normal, like everyone else. Ordinary. Flat. Dull. Boring?

WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE BORING??? You only live once, okay? Are you going to waste it being exactly like everyone else? What's the fun in that?

Another important question is: Why would you waste a childhood/teenagehood on being exactly like everyone else, when you could be exactly what you want to be and do exactly what you want to do? So your crush can like you back? You won't even remember him/her.So the cool kids will let you hang out with them at lunch? They're faking it, just like you. So you can get more likes on your Instagram picture? On your death bed, are you really going to look back and think: "If only I had more likes on my selfie when I was 16 years old." No, you won't.

Trends are just a pretty word to cover up the ugly truth: The things people do to be accepted in today's society. I say today's society because trends change with the seasons.

So.... let's stop following trends. Let's do what we want to do?

If you actually prefer ugg boots and starbucks drinks? Rock that.

If you like combat boots and herbal tea? Rock that.

If you like leather jackets and thick highlighters? Rock that.

Do what you want. Do what you love.


Saturday, 5 September 2015

10 Ways to be Happier

1. Smile more. This one seems obvious but smiling increases your happiness levels in your brain, making you so much happier.

2. Spend time on you. Do whatever makes you happy, whether it be shopping, reading, writing, doing a sport, anything!

3. Surround yourself with positive people. You may not realize it, but your really negative friend with a hateful outlook on life may be subconsciously affecting how you feel.  Surrounding yourself with friends who believe in love, unicorns, and sparkles might just change your entire outlook on life.

4. Get out of the house. Being cooped up all day can cause depression. Getting out and keeping busy gives you a sense of accomplishment.

5. Be nicer to others. Ever accidentally say something mean to someone on the go, then later regret it and feel really guilty? Bein nicer to people will give you a sense of pride and will definitely keep you happier.

6. Love yourself. If you can look at yourself in the mirror and be able to say "You're beautiful", you are guaranteed to be happier in life.

7. Get excited for little things. A good friend of mine gets excited for every tiny little good thing that happens in her life. When people asked her why, she simply responded "If we only got excited for the big things in life, life wouldn't be very exciting at all." I'm trying very hard to imprint this philosophy in my every day life.

8. Be thankful. Being gracious will improve your mood by a thousand percent. Realize how lucky you are that you have food on your table and friends and family that love you. Practice gratitude however you like- whether it be by prayer, by giving back, or by simply listing five things you're grateful for every time you brush your teeth at night.

9. Spend more money on experiences, not objects. Objects fade away, lose their magic, and become out of style. Memories last forever.

10. Acknowledge sadness. This seems so unhappy, but I think it's one of the more important ones on this list. If you don't acknowledge sadness, then you'll be stuck with a permanent knot in your chest. You'll constantly be trying to push it away, but it will always be there. Sad days are important for our overall happiness. Without darkness, there wouldn't be light.

Hope you enjoyed, and got something out of this post.


Thursday, 3 September 2015

Preview of Upcoming Posts

Hey bloggers! I have no time for an actual post today, so here is a preview of my upcoming posts:

Throughout this next week: - 10 Ways to be Happier
                                             - Must We Kick off Post
                                             - funny post- it's a surprise!

Next week: -Must We cont.
                   - 10 Reasons Why I Support LGBTQ
                   - Dating at a Young Age
                   -another funny post!

Alright, this isn't much. I'm struggling with my new  routine, but as soon as I get settled in this year, I'll be back with my regular posting schedule!

Hope you're all getting back into the daily grind.