Sunday, 11 October 2015

10 Reasons Why I Wave the Rainbow Flag

Yes, this post will be controversial.
Yes, this post may offend you, depending on how you take it. However, that is never my intention.
Although I am interested in hearing your opinion, I ask you to refrain from hate.

Okay, so, where to begin?

I chose this day to post this post for a special reason... it's October 11th, National Coming Out Day. So I'm coming out... as an Ally. I am not bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender, homosexual. I simply believe that everyone deserves equal rights.

Alrighty then... let's go.

1. Freedom of religion

My dear friend once asked me "Should churches be forced to marry gay couples?" My immediate answer was no. I am a strong supporter of freedom of religion. In the Bible, it says the only lawful religious marriage is if it was man-woman, and if the woman was a virgin. (I'm not going to even bother getting into how much the latter rule is ignored by the church and how only the first one is extremely enforced) While I think this particular message in the Bible is outdated, it still stands. It's freedom of religion.

But freedom of religion also extends to everyone. Just because something is against your religion does not mean it is wrong for other people's religions as well. And yes, I understand that you may believe your religion is the only truth, but so does a lot of other people. See the dilemma? There is no more or less solid, wrought-iron proof that one God is better than the other, or that God exists at all.

2. Hypocrisy :( 

It makes me sad when someone says "I believe in equality and unity. Everyone deserves equal rights, respect, and fair treatment." and then they later on say "Oh and btw, I don't support gay marriage."

WHAT. I DON'T GET IT. Please explain your logic. How come homosexuals are suddenly  an exception to equality? Because they are against God?

Saying that you are all for equality, yet just not for homosexuals, is a form of hypocrisy.

50 years ago, colored people were opposed by a very Christian country. I am not saying that Christianity is a racist religion. I'm saying that beliefs change. Look at how the women were treated back in the Middle Ages, even how killing was okay if the Pope said so (holy wars). Beliefs have changed so much since then. It goes to show that there are different ways to interpret religious texts.

And another thing: Love for all should equal the same respect and tolerance for all, as long as they are not hurting anybody.

3. Human rights

I feel like this one needs no more explanation. Can't we just give everyone the respect and dignity of a human being?

4. The science behind it

I've done extensive research on this topic, and I've come up with some very interesting factoids to share with everyone.
           a) Finger length points very often to a person's sexual preference. (see here)
           b) Homosexuality happens quite often in animals. There are many male homosexual bottlenose pairs that mate for life. DOLPHINS ARE THE BEST OKAY DO I NEED TO CONTINUE

5. The gay agenda???

The term "gay agenda" has been up and coming in society. It needs to stop right now. The homosexual movement in our society has always been the same: acceptance, acceptance, acceptance.

6. Saving lives

People often use the fact that homosexual couples can't reproduce as an argument against LGBTQ, but think about it for a second. What do they do instead? They adopt. They adopt children that otherwise would've grown up in orphanages in not so wealthy countries. They might have ended up being homeless, being hurt, assaulted, bullied. Yes, I agree that having a mother and a father may be healthier, depending on the family dynamic and how safe the environment is. But as long as, let's say, a male couple provides perhaps a sister or grandmother to take their daughter bra shopping, they will be fine.

7. Written when trying to grow the population

Now, let me just say, I've read a lot of the Bible. Passages my friends have read me, passages I've looked up on my own, different teachings I find useful, that I write down to remember and look back on.

I know it says to take the Bible literally, to not question any of it. You can skip this argument if you're opposed to hearing about someone else's beliefs.

Here's one theory that I quite like: Think about the time in history the Bible was written, all pieced together. It was during a time right after the dark ages, when religion was, in all truth, an ugly thing that caused more death, torture, slavery, rape and violence. But besides that, the population was little. It was scarce. It was only natural that everyone wanted to grow the population.

Even deeper into that. The people who pieced it all together craved power, and especially more people to give money to their religion.

8. Misinterpretation

It's very possible that some Bible verses against homosexuality can easily be interpreted in a different way.

9. Hurting no one

Alright, so, why is it our business to care about who people love?
Yes. I've heard the argument "This isn't love it's lust"

Homosexual relationships are not one-night stands. They can be, just like heterosexual relationships. But most are true loving relationships. They build families, grow a community. They're solid.

I've heard of many people say that we should treat all "sin" just the same. Do you actually expect me to believe that homosexuality is something that can even be compared to murder? If so, I feel sorry for you.

The truth is, it shouldn't even be our business. Homosexuality is not doing anything damaging to our society. It does not in any form encourage rape, abuse, or adultery. It's not hurting anyone directly. And even those who take offense to it are hurting the LGBTQ community in turn.

10. Most importantly... do we really have time to care

We are destroying our world. Planet earth is dying. We should be looking for new ways to maintain life, to feed hungry children starving in Africa. We should be looking to end the murder and crime rates. We should be stopping bullying. We should be teaching young girls about self-confidence and eating properly. Do we really have the time to worry about two women/ men in a committed, loving relationship?

I admire LGTBQs. They inspire people to be themselves even if they're not completely accepted.

Now here's the hard truth. I believe homophobia is just as bad as racism. You're denying and hating someone because of a natural part of their body.

Please express your opinion! Remember, I still appreciate you as a person. Just, please, be respectful. No one likes a hater.

Thanks for reading this sort of long post,


  1. I totally agree, Oakstar! I support LGBTQ relationships; all that matters is that you're with someone who loves you for you. Why does it really matter if the person who fulfills that is the same gender as you?

    Shine on,

    P.S. Happy 5th day of being a teen :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! And thanks hehe

  2. Thank you for this eye opening post! A lot of the things you've said I agree with. Especially the fact that they are adopting children who need homes. Sometimes people are very one sided and don't see that they help out in other ways too. What you had to say abouy hpocrisy is so very very true! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, it made my day!


  4. I totally agree, Oakstar! I hope that one day, everyone could come to an understanding that homosexuality is not a bad thing, and that everyone should be free to love who they would like to.

    1. Thanks Jollygirl, I miss you! No it's not, there's no real reason for it to be bad. :)