Saturday, 3 October 2015


Happy October, everyone.

May you lather yourself in October- scented products.

May you devour apple-y desserts.

May you read a book under the autumn-orange leaves.

It seems to me that everyone loves October.

I personally love October. It contains my birthday (it's on Wednesday), Thanksgiving, Halloween, and wonderful smells.

 The nights get chillier. The food gets warmer. The colors turn into red, orange, and deep yellow. October fashion includes an abundance of huge sweaters and leggings, converse and plaid shirts.

The new Cormoran Strike book will be coming up near the end of the month. I am positively dying of excitement.

Summer passed by us so quickly. On the long road of life, when we turn back, we can see it in the distance, winking at us, promising to see us again soon.

So take a moment to appreciate the beauty of October. It's slipping away already. Look outside. Take pictures of the leaves. Make leaf piles, watch classic horror movies. Immerse yourself in the smells.

Plan a very creative Halloween costume. Do not let anyone spoil your fun. And please don't go as a half-naked cat. It's very unoriginal. I have already planned my costume:
I shall copy this man. I found him on the interweb.
You see? It is a deviled egg.

Enjoy October. I certainly will.



  1. I agree that October is awesome! In October, it's sunny and I cook a delicious pumpkin dessert. Autumn is my favourite season.Your description of October is amazing! You are a fabulous writer!
    Speaking of writing, I emailed you my first post of my new writers' blog through your contact email from ourwordsourvoices. I think it's cool that we both like to write and these blogs will help us work together.

    1. Awesome! Thank you!
      I'll be sure to check it out!

  2. October is my second favorite month!! So many wonderful things about autumn...LOVE THE COSTUME!!!!!! Definitely creative.

  3. Hey, isn't today a special day for some reason...? IDK maybe i was just confused *wink wink* <3 <3 <3

    1. IDK, is it? Ehh maybe I have a test or something...

  4. Haha didn't forget about you Oakstar! Happy birthday! You're a teen now, aren't you? #awesomesauce :) xx

    Shine on,

    P.S. By the time you read this, your birthday will have passed ;(