Sunday, 13 December 2015

12 Days of Blogmas- Day 1


I've decided to participate in GirlRadio's 12 Days of Blogmas series this Christmas season. Click here to check out her blog and feel free to participate :)

Today's-err- prompt, I'd guess you'd call it, is to write a poem describing the holidays.

Two posts ago, I wrote a poem about almost exactly that, so I'll be sharing that part of the poem today.

A warm candle's glow
the distant trail.
Music, gingerbread, white snow drops fall  from the Heavens above. 
A snowman beckoning softly, to I, a weary traveller.
A promise of gifts,lights, and laughter to rejuvenate the solemn heart.
A glimmer of  hope, caught dancing on a sleighbell,
to guide the way.
The  trail is iced, but I will proceed with caution.
Christmas awaits. 

Thank you so much for hosting this series, GirlRadio!


(Happy birthday to Taylor Swift!)

1 comment:

  1. I love the poem! I read the post where you first published it, I didn't realize at first you'd already done a holiday poem ;)
    You're welcome! Thanks for participating! xx

    Shine on,