Sunday, 21 February 2016

Bucket List

Such an original title for such an original post.

Bucket lists have become something of a fad recently, and though I usually do not like to take part in such things, I thought that to have something such as a bucket list would be rather exciting, inspiring, and simply motivational. So here it goes: my bucket list, that I will probably add to later because it's hard to think about everything you would like to do in life without wasting an entire day. What is crossed out is what I have already completed.

publish a novel
publish a collection of short stories
complete Nanowrimo without cheating
do all 3 splits
be published in a magazine
drive a tractor
drive a horse-drawn carriage
own a small pig
make any british actor laugh, preferably Matt Smith
inspire those younger than myself
help elephants
get my writing about global issues recognized
cheer someone up
make an Alaska cake
go skydiving
learn Spanish
sit on a jury
sit next to a celebrity on a plane by accident
visit Machu Picchu
bring a glass of Atlantic Ocean water and spill it into the Pacific Ocean
visit Stonehenge
read Moby Dick
take a road trip to anywhere
attend the Survivor reunion show
be on Survivor
treasure hunt
milk a cow
do a favour for a stranger
donate cans to canned food drives
create an imaginary land for children
learn sign language
go camping with friends
go on a road trip with friends
convince someone I have Alexandria's Genesis
drink fresh coconut milk
create a brand new dessert
make pickles
eat a Twinkie
eat a deep fried pickle
be a movie extra
be in a band
attend a concert

Ahh. This list will probably become longer as I develop more hobbies and interests. This is simply a beginning to what I'm sure will be a very long, very detailed bucket list.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

14 Alternative Loves for Valentine's Day

You don't need a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/fiance to be your significant other this
Valentine's Day. Here are fourteen alternatives that you can choose from to have as a bae on this day of love.

A pet. Who doesn't love their pet? They give you unconditional licks and tail wags without expecting anything in return...well, besides treats and pettings. On the plus side, they don't have the capacity to tell time, so they won't set any unrealistic expectations that you must meet.

Chocolate. Chocolate will simply always be there for you, without judging you. Chocolate doesn't judge you. It doesn't demand. And it lets you pick the movie.

A book. There's nothing nicer than curling up under a blanket and rereading your favourite book for the millionth time. Books accept you for that, and they're always there to comfort you in times of distress.

Youtube. Feel free to distract yourself for hours on end without any judgement whatsoever by Youtube itself. Plus, you can discover other people who have decided to not spend Valentine's day gushing over their partner.

Your friends. Like at high school dances, the people that have the most fun on Valentine's Day are the ones who all go single with their friends. Friends have been there for so much longer than boyfriends and girlfriends, and they're the ones you've trusted with everything over the many years. So take some time today to honor them in a way you don't usually, even if it means just hanging out with them and crush them at MarioKart.

So if you are without a significant other this Valentine's Day, find something else for which to share your abundance of love. Whether it's a pet, a friend, or inanimate object, they'll surely appreciate it. Keep smiling :) 

Happy Valentine's Day bloggers!


Saturday, 6 February 2016

What Harry Potter Taught You

You may not have realized it, but Harry Potter has impacted all of its readers in ways they may not discover until they are very old. I've decided to bring some of these to life for us all to relish in the joy of Harry Potter.

1. You Learned to Love Reading

thumbs up for this pin-point gif usage thank you
Without Harry Potter, I would be at a much lower level of reading than I am today. Many of my friends who also read Harry Potter at a young age developed a love for reading because they discovered Harry Potter. Now, my friends who are not fans of Harry Potter will barely read outside of school-assigned books, whereas I'm just like:
so I'll just have my nose in a book for a few hours bye

2. You Learned How to Choose Your Friends Wisely

Arguably the very best trio of all time, Harry and his squad taught me so much about how to choose my closest friends, how they need to have good values, and how we always need to be there for each other. Also, some of my best friends were made just by a shared love of Harry Potter. Not a single Harry Potter fan I have ever met is exclusive, mean, or unaccepting. They're all wonderful people. 

you knew this one was coming
3. You Learned About Corrupted Governments and Biased Press

Something that Harry Potter taught us that is often overlooked is how governments can be extremely corrupted, and that the press often twists things to make them look like something different. That is something no other fandom could have ever taught you.

4. You Learned How to Respect People Different from You

let's just appreciate Hermione's hair for a moment ok
Remus Lupin's tale of being a werewolf. Hagrid's story of being half-giant. Hermione's allegorical tale of being different from nearly everyone around her, and being shunned for having 'tainted' blood. And Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of all time, being gay. Are these tales simply relevant in the Harry Potter universe? Or are the lessons meant for us as well, to teach us to be kind and accepting, and to treat everyone fairly.

5. You Learned About Angst

Nor do I, Harry. Nor do I.
Angst, and how Harry thought he was turning evil when he really was just going through puberty. Oh, and Voldemort was messing with his head. But what matters is our choices. Because that's who we truly are.

6. You Learned That It's Okay to be Strange

look at Ron lol

Luna was a character that a little bit of can be found in all of us, I think. Her strangeness and eccentricity was amusing as well as reassuring. The characters in Harry Potter all accepted her and I think that that was so charming. It really is okay to have quirks.

7. You Learned That Impossible Things Can Happen

The real magic in Harry Potter is not found behind the spells that they cast, or the potions they brew. It's the love, the friendship, the sacrifices. The motherly hugs from Mrs. Weasley, the affectionate grunts Hagrid makes, the many times Ron and Hermione stayed with Harry as far as they could go. This type of love does exist outside of Harry Potter, if you dig deep enough to find it. Hogwarts may be my home at heart, but so is my own, and so is my city, and so is Scotland, and so is a small town in Northern Maine.

The Harry Potter books help me stay afloat in the darkest of times, and so have they helped so many other amazing people. I'm honoured to be a part of this beautiful world, because it taught me so much more that just the words on the surface.

I suppose this is a tribute to J.K. Rowling, as well is it a tribute to everyone that made Harry Potter happen. I'm forever grateful for this incredible series. I expect it will stay with me for many years to come.