Sunday, 14 February 2016

14 Alternative Loves for Valentine's Day

You don't need a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/fiance to be your significant other this
Valentine's Day. Here are fourteen alternatives that you can choose from to have as a bae on this day of love.

A pet. Who doesn't love their pet? They give you unconditional licks and tail wags without expecting anything in return...well, besides treats and pettings. On the plus side, they don't have the capacity to tell time, so they won't set any unrealistic expectations that you must meet.

Chocolate. Chocolate will simply always be there for you, without judging you. Chocolate doesn't judge you. It doesn't demand. And it lets you pick the movie.

A book. There's nothing nicer than curling up under a blanket and rereading your favourite book for the millionth time. Books accept you for that, and they're always there to comfort you in times of distress.

Youtube. Feel free to distract yourself for hours on end without any judgement whatsoever by Youtube itself. Plus, you can discover other people who have decided to not spend Valentine's day gushing over their partner.

Your friends. Like at high school dances, the people that have the most fun on Valentine's Day are the ones who all go single with their friends. Friends have been there for so much longer than boyfriends and girlfriends, and they're the ones you've trusted with everything over the many years. So take some time today to honor them in a way you don't usually, even if it means just hanging out with them and crush them at MarioKart.

So if you are without a significant other this Valentine's Day, find something else for which to share your abundance of love. Whether it's a pet, a friend, or inanimate object, they'll surely appreciate it. Keep smiling :) 

Happy Valentine's Day bloggers!



  1. I definitely dedicate Valentine's Day to my friends-- even though everyone in my little group (excluding me) has dated each other and visa versa, we all do celebrate it with the meaning of friendship behind it, because sometimes we all need to just keep calm and put heart shaped stickers on everyone's noses. ^.^

    xoxo Morning

  2. Yesss to chocolate
    YASSS to YouTube
    HELL YEAH to books
    YUPPPPPPPPP to friends

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too ;)

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  3. very good list!!!