Sunday, 21 February 2016

Bucket List

Such an original title for such an original post.

Bucket lists have become something of a fad recently, and though I usually do not like to take part in such things, I thought that to have something such as a bucket list would be rather exciting, inspiring, and simply motivational. So here it goes: my bucket list, that I will probably add to later because it's hard to think about everything you would like to do in life without wasting an entire day. What is crossed out is what I have already completed.

publish a novel
publish a collection of short stories
complete Nanowrimo without cheating
do all 3 splits
be published in a magazine
drive a tractor
drive a horse-drawn carriage
own a small pig
make any british actor laugh, preferably Matt Smith
inspire those younger than myself
help elephants
get my writing about global issues recognized
cheer someone up
make an Alaska cake
go skydiving
learn Spanish
sit on a jury
sit next to a celebrity on a plane by accident
visit Machu Picchu
bring a glass of Atlantic Ocean water and spill it into the Pacific Ocean
visit Stonehenge
read Moby Dick
take a road trip to anywhere
attend the Survivor reunion show
be on Survivor
treasure hunt
milk a cow
do a favour for a stranger
donate cans to canned food drives
create an imaginary land for children
learn sign language
go camping with friends
go on a road trip with friends
convince someone I have Alexandria's Genesis
drink fresh coconut milk
create a brand new dessert
make pickles
eat a Twinkie
eat a deep fried pickle
be a movie extra
be in a band
attend a concert

Ahh. This list will probably become longer as I develop more hobbies and interests. This is simply a beginning to what I'm sure will be a very long, very detailed bucket list.



    Okay, get ready for a super long comment because I have a lot of thoughts.

    Making Matt Smith laugh, yes!!! I actually kind of want to play soccer against him, so even though I would probably lose 50 something to zero. Twinkies... eh, they're all right. In Spanish class last year, my teacher had this odd habit of giving people a Twinkie with a candle on it when it was their birthday. It tastes okay, but it's not something I'd like to experience again-- it was really sweet, and the chemical taste is just (???) urgh. Being in a band is also on my bucket list, too! I'm kind of in a band... "kind of" = everyone is procrastinating to actually get together and rehearse. Learning sign language is on my bucket list, too. It would be interesting to talk to people with hand motions. And, camping and road tripping with friends! Yes! I think I may do that before I head off to college.

    "bring a glass of Atlantic Ocean water and spill it into the Pacific Ocean" <--- I wonder if there are lines that would just separate where the water would turn from one kind of water into another. Like, the water cycles down to South America from the west hemisphere and appears on the east, is there a line that officially states, "THIS WATER IS NOW ATLANTIC OCEAN WATER"?

    I can't wait to see what happens when you do get published! You have such strong viewpoints that need to be shared, particularly in regards to feminism and how the media has such a profound effect on that particular subject. You're going to do great things someday.

    xoxo Morning


      Yeah, I'm pretty sure Matt Smith would slaughter me. But hey, that's okay. I'm sure Twinkies taste pretty chemically, but I just like it's some kind of rite of passage :)

      Wow, I never really thought about it that way. I guess that that all water is basically the same, so it wouldn't really make a difference. Wow, I really don't know. I could see certain countries claiming water in their territory as their own though.

      Aww, thank you so much. That is so kind.

  2. This is a really great idea! I don't have a bucket list, but I might create one and publish it on my blog (Sorry if I seem like I'm copying but I love this idea) Yours was really good!

    1. Aha, it's okay, I copied it off of someone else's blog. I can't wait to see yours!

  3. Great bucket list!
    I'm not a fan of Survivor (sorry!), but it would be interesting to see someone I know on it, someday.
    Dumping a glass of the Atlantic Ocean water into the Pacific Ocean- that's an interesting idea.
    I would also really like to be on a jury someday..I think that the court process is really interesting, and that the jurors definitely play a big part in the courtroom.

    1. Thanks! It's okay. It would be pretty cool though :P

      I do find it quite interesting as well, most people consider it tedious, but I think learning about our justice systems is important.

  4. Deep Fried Pickles are heavenly!!

    1. I know, I recently had some and it was certainly worth the wait!

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