Monday, 30 May 2016

Girl Guide Camp Photos 2k16

Our food shelter :)
Hey bloggers!

I usually don't share many images from my adventures and excursions, but today, I will be sharing a few with you guys because some of them turned out to be quite beautiful.

Hope you enjoy :)

I discovered this little bench on a hike up to a cliff ledge. It was perfect, placed in a simple area surrounded by shrubbery.

This was a rather marsh-like area we had to cross to get to the cliff. It was extremely beautiful yet smelled of fish.

The entire campsite was full of diverse forest and green life forms. Truly some fascinating images.
This was our tent. It housed four people.

We crossed many wooden platforms and hobbled along wooden logs to get everywhere.
Here it is, the view from the cliffside! It was absolutely breathtaking. You could hear the wind whistling through the top leaves of the trees, and if you listened closely, you could hear the gentle trickling of the peaceful waters.
Girl Guide campfires are always something incredibly special. The smoky smell from the cinders is something that can only be smelled at Girl Guide camp, and it symbolizes the group songs, the marshmallows roasting, the starry skies... everything that makes camping special.

Girl Guide camp is a wonderful thing.


Sunday, 8 May 2016


Hey bloggers, I think this is the longest I've gone without posting a single blog post. There are a few reasons why and I shall be sharing them with you throughout this post. It's going to be a longer one with more writing and less lists or pictures, I believe, and it'll probably also be an extremely rambly one, so I hope you're able to stick with me.

Last week, I was in a large production of Grease with children of ages seven to sixteen. I had been working all year with the cast and we had all connected in one large group. It had been an incredibly demanding activity, but was also so amazingly rewarding. The performance weekend was one one of the best of my life, I think, and I imagine it will stay in my memory books for a long time.

When I was with the theatre group, I could always forget about everything around me. I was so focused, so concentrated on the very moment, and I was always having a lot of fun. The people there are special to me, in the way that they understand my love for theatre, but are also so caring, genuine people.

The performance weekend was a high for me. I forgot about school, about life, about the weight of life's problems, about the oral presentations I had to do and the people at school I detest and the teachers who actually think they can control our very lives. It all seemed so small compared to the love and joy that had surrounded me throughout the week of rehearsals as well as the amazing production weekend.

But then the very next day, I had school again. I had to wake up at an ungodly hour, dress in a uniform whose colours' resemble death and despair, catch a bus in which the people there only cared about the new Snapchat filters and insulting each other and talking about people who sweat too much. I had my in school drama class, which you'd think be fun for me, but is in fact absolute torture because of the sheer cruelty the teacher can display, and the unbelievably rude, racist people I must team up with to work on group projects.

There were some good things too. Physical education is usually something very frightening for me, but right now we're doing something I'm good at, and I was able to enjoy it. English is always an escape, a place to channel my thinking to somewhere other than the mysteries of the universe.

But mostly, my week was a time of sadness. Apart from the few friends I am truly close to at school, I saw little good in people. It was a huge down compared to what I had felt that weekend. My school is said to be a special one comprised of dedicated, special students, but I saw none of that. They were mostly kids who just cared about their phones or about dating or about seeming the most 'normal'.

Even a few people who call me their best friend, who I try really hard to pretend that I have some kind of sisterhood with, I saw a lot of awful in them too. I saw selfishness, and arrogance, and values that ripped me up on the inside. Except I couldn't call them out on it, because I was too afraid of sounding insensitive, as they were in need of help at the time, and I had to force myself to push my anger and sadness aside to help them as best as I could.

And then I felt bad because I know that I am nowhere near perfect either. I can be selfish, I can be loud and obnoxious. And I know my problems are just peanuts to the things that some people face. Then, thinking about other people's problems lead me down another downward spiral about all the problems in the world.

Sometimes, I see humans as beings completely primitive and ignorant and violent and not accepting of one another. Even the people I love, and even me. I preach a lot of positivity about the human race, but I have so, so much trouble seeing it myself.

I miss theatre.

I'm okay. There are a few people I can talk to, and things I can escape to, and books I can read or quotes I could find to help me. But sometimes, I just need to let all of it out. Typing this has already helped me, in a way. This is me being honest about it all, and I think honesty is one of the most important values a human can have. I can be honest here, but can I be honest in the real world?

I think, with some strength, I can.

Thanks for reading.