Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Way We Spread Stories

The Way We Spread Stories

Rock and granite were the first. Pictures, then ideas, then words, and then sentences etched into the earth’s memory, something that helped the present understand the past.

Ink and parchment were next. The ink would grace the parchment, and the two would synthesize and form something brand new, something that would inspire many.

Pen and notebook soon followed. A runny flow of ink dispersing itself across a lined page to create something so beautiful, that though fictional onto it some people still cling.

Keyboard and cramped fingers is something of the now. A gentle, peaceful clicking matching the rhythm of my own heart, and will lead me to discover something that was already there all along.

This is the evolution of how we spread stories. How we spread knowledge of the past. How we spread the journey of our lives.


Friday, 15 July 2016

I Went to New York City

I went to New York
And there were big flashy lights
I couldn't see stars.

The whaling sirens, the ghosts of somewhere quiet.
The honking cab horns.
The words flung from mouths of those who grace the city.

The big buildings were daunting.

Columns reminiscent of our past. They are the keys to our ancestors, the creators and discoverers.

The billboards lit up the sky.
The billboards, instead of the stars.

But however much noise there was, there was also serene. Calm. Quiet.

There were busy, bustling crowds and the demand for merchandise. And for more merchandise. And for more... just, more.

But there was simple.

And there was nature.

And there was art.

And there were dreams.

And there was beauty.

I'd like to thank everyone who either emailed me or commented on my last post, What Makes You Smile? I loved reading your answers. Some of them especially made my heart melt, just a bit. There are some truly precious responses, and I'm glad that people are kind of coming together and trying to make the world just the teeniest bit of a better place. I am still collecting them so if you haven't commented or emailed me yet (, I'd really appreciate it! I'm compiling them all and it's coming along quite nicely, and once I've got enough, you're all going to see... It's going to be something truly special. 


Saturday, 2 July 2016

What Makes You Smile?

Hey bloggers!

I've been working on a particular project of mine using the responses of my friends for a rather long time now, and I want to include the blogging community as well in the hopes of getting even more widespread answers.

I realize, especially in light of recent tragedies in the Orlando area and in the world in general, that as a human, being happy can be a very difficult thing. With Donald Trump in the running for president in the United States, and massacres, murders, and tragedies happening left right and center nowadays, it is becoming harder and harder to be happy.

I myself find it difficult to be happy sometimes. I look around and see that our environment is polluted, that innocent people are being killed, and that so many other bad things are happening in the world it's hard to keep track. I see that the majority of the people I know either are deeply affected by these situations or are too oblivious to care.

We can't spend our lives grieving for the world, the victims of the Orlando tragedies, and all of the other people in the world currently suffering from starvation, from sickness, from so many other horrible things.

I realize that I'm not the only one that must be struggling to find light in the world. I see it with my friends, and with people that I know.

So, I'm reaching out to everyone that I know to put into question the universal sign of happiness: the smile. 

I see people who can look at the world and recognize the hatred in it, but who are still able to appreciate the beauty in their lives and smile and glow.

My challenge for you today is to answer this question: What makes you smile?

Everyone smiles for different reasons, and I'm looking to compile a list of reasons to smile through as many people as possible. Your answer can be detailed and in a paragraph form, or as a sentence. When I get enough answers from people in my own life as well as people online, I'm going to put them all in the same place, giving credit to each contributor, so we can all see the diverse reasons to smile, even among all the pain and suffering in the world.

You can answer in the comments section below or send it in email form at

Thanks in advance to all those who share their reason(s) to smile!


p.s.: Thanks for 30 followers! Seeing that people read what I have to say really makes my day.