Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dwell on Dreams

But Why do We Dwell on Dreams?

Visions scribbled hastily on spare pieces of paper
Revelations leaving the mouth before fully entering the mind 
Doodles etched in the margins of a notebook
And drunkenness on the whispered promises of the future.

Clouds are the ripples of the sky
And stars are the freckles of the night
But why do we dwell on dreams?

Eyes sparkling before closing for a beat
Satin slipping on a smooth surface
A ray from a stage filling all sight
And a heartbeat quickening with the rise of a crescendo.

Wind is God's melody
And leaves are the tree's children
But why do we dwell on dreams?

Fractured light leaving a frosted lamppost
The echo of adventure in the banging shut of a door
The hatching of an egg, the promise of a full life.
And being alone in a forest, apart from the ghosts.

Dawn is the prayer of the sun
And dusk is the gift wrap of the moon
But why do we dwell on dreams?

A star, light years away, an inch from the iris
Hands molding something there into something new
Matter dispersing but never disappearing
And ideas developed as they fail.

Rainbows are the heart's pride
And raindrops are the angel's tears of joy
But why do we dwell on dreams?

A bead of sweat trickling down an arm
The touch of a hand to grass and then to sky
The cool silver on the lips of a champion
And the swell of pride in a chest of a fighter.

Space is the place of questions for answers
And matter is a clump of non-touching atoms

But why do we dwell on dreams?

Heat conserved in layers of comfortable clothes
Ceramic mugs slipping through cold fingers
The laughter of friends echoed on snowy nights
And a song shared together.

Love is the life of us all
And unity is the stitch of the universe
But why do we dwell on dreams?

O, they ask why we dwell on dreams.



I wasn't sure what this poem would mean when I started writing it. I had a general idea that it would be about writers, but as I began writing about the little things that writers did, I got a strange empty feeling and decided to expand on it to include everyone who had dreams, whether it was about the arts, sports or science... or anything. 

I was also thinking about a quote by Albus Dumbledore- "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." But I think that sometimes dreams remind us to live.

Sometimes, when we're broken or hanging on to life by a single thread, if we're drowning in a whirlpool of darkness and trying to claw our way out, dreams are what we live for. They become the thread we're hanging onto, and with a lot of love, the thread grows into a rope we can use to pull ourselves out for some air. 

Whatever your dream may be, and no matter how practical it is or is not, I beg of you, do not let it go. Hold onto it, give it lots of love and nurture it until it grows strong enough to be your own strength. And do not give up on those who are helping you achieve your dream. And whether it is big or small or in between, it still matters. No dreams are stupid, no dreams are not worth fighting for. So fight for your dreams, and fight for yourself.


(Cough Syrup covered by Blaine Anderson on Glee makes a great to listen to for deeper thoughts)


  1. ..Wow. This is so beautifully written <3

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. It's also exactly what I needed in my life right now. Thank you. <3

    1. I'm so glad it was able to give you some sort of help, thank you <3

  3. So so so pretty!

    - Edie

  4. I am moved beyond words my brilliant one! You said it best, " Whatever your dream may be, and no matter how practical it is or is not, I beg of you, do not let it go. Hold onto it, give it lots of love and nurture it until it grows strong enough to be your own strength." I love your mind and everything else about you!

  5. Wow...I'm lost for words.
    This poem is by far the greatest poem I've ever read.

    1. Ahh, all of your poetry is far better than mine. But considering your great talent, I take that as a divine compliment. Thank you.

  6. I love the refrain 'but why do we dwell on dreams?'. It's clear that you spent quite a lot of time writing this to perfection, and that the things you describe in this poem are very close to your heart. I couldn't help but smile when I saw that you mentioned Cough Syrup at the end of this post - I love Young the Giant, and I think that Cough Syrup manages to be so woeful yet so upbeat in the best way.

    keep it up, oakstar!

  7. Wow, your writing is beautiful. Your words are a really good reminder to hold on to your dreams.


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