Saturday, 17 September 2016

What Makes Me Smile

The What Makes You Smile project has been on the backburner for quite some time now (even though it's stayed nice and warm in my mind), but I'm finally bringing back into the open! Who's excited?

ill never run out of use for this gif I'm sorry
Okay, no one's quite that excited (except me). But to get you guys just a little excited, here is a taste of what this master list is going to be like, except on a smaller, less important scale coming from just one person. Next week comes the large compilation, so get ready! If you'd like to answer, there's still time. Click here. I'd like to have as many answers as possible! Anyway, here goes my list (though my real answer will still be part of the large compilation):

  1. Swim meets.
  2. Small traditions shared with friends. 
  3. The "pop!" when you open up a can of soda. 
  4. Walking to Starbucks in the rain.
  5.  Sunshine through the window sill. 
  6.  Actual good fanfiction. 
  7.  Finding books that help you at just the right point in your life.
  8. Pumpkin cupcakes.
  9. Writing something while listening to video game instrumental, so everything seems much more epic and intense than it actually is. 
  10. Epiphanies. 
  11. Team spirit.
  12. Binge watching Glee covers on Youtube and not being able to pick a favourite.
  13. A twelve year old ukulele player completely killing America's Got Talent.
  14. Quokkas exist.
  15. Being underwater.
  16. We are not alone in the universe.
  17. Trying to split a boston cream donut and then laughing when you end up covered in chocolate
  18. Leaving a large, loud party to start your own party with your closest friends.
  19. Stranger Things- don't even get me started. 
  20. Writing long letters to friends. 
  21. Comparing someone or being compared to a part of earth or something in the sky.
  22. Reading other blogs. Each one is so beautiful.
  23. Having other people read my blog. That's so cool.
  24. Pictures with my friends from good times that I can look back on and reminisce and love. 
  25. Listening to music from before 2014 because I feel that's when everything started going downhill. 
  26. Taking pictures of my friends when they actually look happy, when they're not posed and even though they're flawed we can still remember why we took the picture instead of just all the attempts at being artsy. If that makes any sense. 
  27. Making people laugh.
  28. Missing someone.
  29. Dancing in the weirdest of places.
  30. When celebrities are relatable. For instance, Darren Criss pretending to be an octopus because same. 
  31. Listening to people laugh. I've never heard a laugh I found ugly or bad to listen to. Why would I ever want to start listening to the sound of utter joy? I'd RATHER listen to the sound of your dying seal laugh than not hear the expression of happiness at all. 
That was my shortish list of things that make me smile. I'll have a more thought through answer next week but that was just a little snippet. I can't wait to roll out the long list! If you're reading this and haven't answered and would like to PLEASE PLEASE DO!! Much love, and get excited for next week :)


Sunday, 11 September 2016

First Week of School Thoughts

I promise to include as many Struck by Lightning gifs in this post as possible because I feel it best represents my mood. 

This post was brought to you by all the ridiculous things I've thought during my first week of school. Enjoy.

  1. I hate this. 
  2. This is horrible. 
  3. It's nine a.m. and I'm already drenched in sweat. 
  5. I've expended my social energy for the year with that enthusiastic greeting.
  6. I hope I get the same english teacher as last year. Oh would you look at that I didn't
  7. Is now too early to give up 
  8. Is this the real life, is this just fantasy, caught in a landslide, no escape from reality...
  9. Am I the only one without a Jansport? 
  10. Oh look someone I kind of know must avoid eye contact 
  11. The grade eights look so tiny
  12. Do I know her?
  13. Wow I found a person I actually like 
  14. Ohmygod stop dabbing
  15. My math teacher is an ESFJ.
  16. What even is grade ten math
  17. What
  18. Where did she get that number from?
  19. Guys am I supposed to understand this
  20. She barely even knows what she's doing either
  22. What does division mean
  23. Okay that problem's answer is literally not an answer
  24. Like there is not a valid answer
  25. I have a rising panicky feeling in my chest and I do not know why
  26. How come my career class is offered only in french, I don't want a french career
  27. I'm supposed to write an essay about what I want to do with my life, okay... "La première chose que veux faire après le secondaire est de déménager quelque part d'autre pour continuer mes études avec une université anglaise." (if you tell me what this means in the comments you get a virtual brownie)
  28. Why is this survey asking such personal questions
  29. Oh look I'm in accelerated french yay
  30. Why did my teacher just tell me that I'll go farther in life than people who weren't put in accelerated french
  31. nope nope noppity nopeeee
  32. I've already been assigned two tests
  33. My science teacher is certainly very enthusiastic about science
  34. She's quirky I like her
  35. They've changed my entire history course to something extremely biased and I am absolutely against it
  36. I really don't want to learn about this stuff this year
  37. This has absolutely no purpose in life whatsoever and I will never use it ever
  38. My favourite subject is now lunch
  39. I like the weirdest songs compared to everyone else
  40. Why would anyone ever want to be the Romeo to someone's Juliet... you'd die after a short semi okay romance
  41. So we're working on a pack of poems this class? We have to write notes? okay den
  42. Ooh a poem with swear words fun
  44. Great now my teacher's first assignment from me will be me highlighting random words in random poems pretending to know what I'm doing
  45. Was I supposed to have finished going through all the poems?
  46. whelp I just failed my first english assignment
  47. That's a shame
  48. Oh look at this fifty question math assignment due tomorrow
  49. stOp wiTh thE daBBing 
  50. Harambe is a forced meme
  51. At least we don't have an overly dramatized cheerleading squad at my school, that seems to be more of an American thing
  52. Should I join Glee Club
  53. I owe it to the show
  54. But my voice sucks 
  55. But I love singing
  56. Just do it sign your name
  57. But what if I fail my audition?
  58. Just do it.
  59. okay fine
  60. Taking the train is fun. 
  61. My mom is late picking the people in my carpool up from the train well waiting here might be awkward
  62. the kids in my carpool have great taste in music
  63. omg they really do
  64. So I'm not the only one obsessed with that song? YAY!!
  65. Wow I made some new friends today
  66. I just want to go home and watch stranger things
  67. Ooh I'm going to join the outdoor pursuits club
  68. That way my gym teacher can see that I actually do care about physical education
  69. But only specific types really
  70. I want Girl Guides to start I need some happiness in my days
  71. Everything good is happening next week.
  72. I'm going to sing Piano Man for my Glee Club audition
  73. Oh I forgot to do my homework
  74. I'm so hungry always hungry 
  75. Drama is my new favourite class
  76. Omg we're doing a Grease tableau omg
  77. I'm going to subtly place myself on the boys' side because my loyalty is to the tbirds
  78. Great now I've been chosen to be blindfolded and directed by the class to find a ball and place it in a basket
  79. I'm the center of attention watch me trip over something
  80. I'm so awkward goddammit
  81. eyyy I found the ball
  82. eyyy I found the crate
  83. Ey I survived 
  84. People may think I'm exaggerating when I talk about how done I am with everything but I'm not
    I promise I'm not always this angsty in real life
  85. Now it's time to
  86. Ugh morning
  87. I wish we could stop for coffee in the morning on the way to the train
  88. I'm so tired TGIF

Though a bit dark, I present to you my real thoughts throughout the entire first week of school. My favourite part of writing this was coming up with the Struck by Lightning (and one Stranger Things) gifs to match all the angst. And also writing little notes down on the side of my math paper to add to the post.

Would you be interested in seeing a vlog from an outdoor excursion that I took with my friend? Let me know in the comments. 


Friday, 9 September 2016

Are You Happy?

Are you happy? you might ask me, and I won't know how to respond.

I suppose I could lie through my teeth like a reply to a dentist drilling into them, tell you I'm happy, because I have nothing to be sad about.

I could tell you that I do well in school, but that is only the numbers, and I could tell you that I have a lot of friends, but that again is only the numbers.

Are you happy? But what is happy, what does it mean? How do I know when I myself am happy, and how do I know when others are happy?

I could tell you that I laughed today, but how do you know it was not at the expense of another? I could tell you I smiled all day, but so do the glossy girls on magazine covers.

But are you sad? you might ask me, and I'd tell you the truth if I knew it my self.

I suppose I could tell you that school's a bore, that I'm tired all of the time. But can I not accept that and be happy?

Are you sad? But I'm not. Not most of the time.

Are you happy? I sang today, with people I care about. I found a secluded little park and I whispered words of gratitude to the grass below me.

But if I spoke the truth, you wouldn't be able to take it, because how can I put into words what I cannot put into feeling?

And what about you? Are you happy?

Some complex inner thoughts to confuse your day.

Monday, 5 September 2016

The Wisteria Writer's Tag

I've been nominated to do the Wisteria Writer's Tag! I haven't done a tag in sooo long, and I've been thinking a lot about writing recently, so this worked out perfectly. Thank you so much Morning for tagging me! This was how excited I was:

idk who did this, but thank you so much. and if you, creator of this gif, ever stumbles upon here please tell me so I can credit you. 

The Rules!
 1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the ten questions.
3. Write ten questions of your own.
4. Nominate other people for the tag.

1. Take your most despised store. Describe what it looks like and why you hate it. Now, imagine your protagonist and antagonist of your current WIP visiting the store for the first time, separately. How would they react, and what would they buy? ("Nothing," won't be an acceptable answer!)

My most despised store, huh. That would have to be a solely Canadian-based store, a woman's clothing store by the name of Joshua Perets. I've hated it ever since I was extremely little, because to me, it always represented the lack of originality in my class. Everyone owned the same clothes from the same store, all neon coloured with a dogon them. The store itself is purplish black so the plasticky clothes can stand out extra bright against the walls, and there is always generic pop music blasting from the inside. 

My current protagonist walking in would initially be extremely shocked by the brightness of the clothes in the store, and would want to turn right back out at the sound of whatever song (most likely from Taylor Swift or Meghan Trainor) is blasting. But she would continue with caution, and to get out of there as quick as she could, she would buy the first dulled down thing she sees, which would probably be a grey sweater with an incredibly vibrant magenta dog on it. 

My antagonist would walk in by accident, because he wouldn't go in there on purpose, ever. He wouldn't be caught dead in a clothing store as such. He would be blinded initially by the colours as well, but he would accidentally grab a bright highlighter yellow sports bra because he doesn't want to stay there for any longer than he has to. He would only see what he bought after leaving the store, and he would give it to his confused-looking ten year old little sister, who wouldn't know what to do with something so hideous. 

2. Do you have quirky writing rituals you need to in order to begin writing, such as editing with the door closed and a purple pen, all while wearing mismatched fuzzy socks? If you do, describe them.

In order to properly work and concentrate, I must listen to the weirdest video game music I can find. It helps with my creative process, making everything seem much more meaningful than it actually is. I also sit in the worst possible positions for my back and neck, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

3. Which of your characters from your WIP embodies what your entire writing process resembles?

This I feel like the two main characters in my WIP both represent what my book is all about, which is overcoming and growing within one's self. But the character I think embodies it more is Dan, who grows as the book grows and is a lot more than meets the eye. I also love him to death. 

4. List the top three writing conferences you'd want to visit.

San Francisco Writing For Change,The Ontario Writer's Conference, and idk. 

5. If you had to collaborate with a published author, who would it be and what would you two write about?

WAIT, JUST ONE?!? Omg, okay, let me think about this. You know, I'd really love to work with J.K. Rowling, but I'd be too worried about cramping her style. So I'd have to go with Chris Colfer, the author of The Land of Stories. He seems much more of a real person to me, which won't make any sense to anyone except me. If I don't scare him away from asking him too many questions about Glee, it would be cool to work on a crime or murder mystery novel with him, because then at least he'd be stepping out of his comfort zone too and we'd be closer to the same level (by a little, but it's something). 

6. Your sources of inspiration?

Random conversations I hear at restaurants, picture online or on Pinterest, the forest by the park near my house, and circumstances my friends and I find ourselves in, more often that not extremely weird ones. 

7. Quick! You're on a five minute break from editing-- but your first choice of food to snack on ran out! Name your other two brain foods.

What do you mean we ran out of frozen blueberries?!? Well if I can't have those, then I guess I'll go with an orange or a popsicle. (the only reason most of this is healthy is because I need something full of flavour and juice to keep my own writing juices flowing)

8. What's a writing-related question that bothers you when people ask?

Can you put me in your book? This always bugs me because I'm more likely to put people in my book who don't ask. And if I don't put someone in my book who asks me then I feel like an ungrateful friend and that just leads me down a pit of despair and just no.

9. List two songs that would describe both the good and bad sides of your deuteragonist.

I just learned a new writing term! I don't know if I should've known what a deuteragonist is but now I do and I cannot be happier. Mike is my deuteragonist, because I feel that he is second most important to the story.... he's kind of dead, though. Well, he is dead. But he is the second largest part of the story. 

His good side is tough but understanding. He doesn't relate well to other people's emotions, but he tries his hardest. He's not a natural empath, but he knows when the people closest to him need love. He is wild and free and spontaneous. I feel like Heat of the Moment by Asia represents well what his good side is like... or was. Because he's dead. I know that this song is about a bad relationship, but I feel that it also captures a lot of freedom and youth in it as well. dean randomly dies in the shower

His bad side is a lot of emotional turmoil, confusion, and not accepting himself. It's hiding himself from the world because he's worried about not being accepted and loved. It's driving himself to a point of near insanity, pushing limits for the sake of pushing them, and sometimes pushing away even the people he loves because of all the anger and sadness inside. I think that the song that best represents the guilt and anger and sadness he feels inside is actually Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

10. Up to this point, what is your current word count for this post?

1212 words.

My questions:
  1. Do you listen to music while you write?
  2. Who is your favourite character, out of all of your WIPs or completed works? Least favourite?
  3. What word do you use too often while writing? 
  4. Have you ever based a character off of someone you know in real life? 
  5. What word of advice would you say to your protagonist if you met them in person? 
  6. Do you think you'd get along with your deuteragonist? 
  7. How diverse is your set of characters for your current WIP?
  8. Say your work gets published and a fan comes up to you on the street and asks for a bit of advice on getting works published. What little tidbit of advice would you tell them to hold onto?
  9. What is your favourite quote from one of your WIPs?
  10. What book was your gateway into realizing you wanted to write? 

I tag Nadine, and whoever has been stalking this tag like I have, but hasn't been nominated yet. Here's your chance. I'm looking at you. I can't wait to read your answers!


Friday, 2 September 2016

Windows to the Soul

Windows to the Soul
by Oakstar 

Some etch poetry 
about a blissful blue, 
holding within, the depths of a thousand lakes
and the clean cut of crystal.

Some hum melodies
of a soulful brown,
the mournful glow of what makes things grow,
and the honey taste of happiness.

Some surround stories
over a gleaming green,
the tickle of warm grass on a summer's day,
and the sparkle of the sapient sea. 

But few speak
of an inner star,
the ray of light shining from an epiphany, 
and the beckoning beams of  love,
and the glances that share the emotions of a dozen suns. 

Eyes are the windows to the soul.


Happy September everybody!
Let me know what you think of this little poem.