Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nano Rambles

I remember writing a really cringey post around this time two years ago entitled "How Are Y'all Doing With Nanowrimo?" or something equally cringey like that. I was much too overly optimistic then. That year, I had gone only with a 32000 word goal, because I was worried about it interfering with my school work. This year, since my school work has already gone downhill, I thought I might as well just aim for the 50000 like the idiot I am.

So now, I sit here procrastinating on homework AND writing at the same time. I caught up on some blogs, and now I'm trying to write a meaningful post of my own.

Three days in, and I've consumed the majority of Halloween candy I collected. I must've eaten every single type of junk food there is in the past forty eight hours, and I am also internally. dying. but. what. else. is. new. 

And that's what writers go through in the month of November, amiright?! 

This year, the creative writing club at my school has set up a classroom for those competing themselves in Nanowrimo, and even though I've been asked to join, I'm still debating it becauseI succeed more pushing myself and I'm not sure a support group directly linked to my school would help me in any way... I like to compartmentalize everything in my life. It's probably not healthy mentally, but is any writer truly sane? I must've lost my sanity a while ago. 

If anyone would like to word war, please let me know down below! I'm on the younger site this year, but maybe we could work something out.

Does anyone else feel like that if they share their novel ideas with other people, they become less inspired to write it? I find it much better to keep it a secret, maybe so I don't start second guessing the idea before I finish writing it. Who's with me on this?

Goodnight, and good luck to everyone doing Nanowrimo. I'm going to go drown myself in caffeine now, and next week I will probably be rambling again. Stay tuned for an exciting November.


p.s. what is this kind of content I promise some good poetry and stuff in the near future I'm so sorry 


  1. Oh, I've already devoured half of my Halloween candy. Not even sorry. I do this every year. I'm eating a Reese's pumpkin as I type this.

    I don't blame you for wanting to keep some communities separate. Sometimes the writers I meet in real life (with a few very special exceptions), I just don't click with as well as the ones I do connect with online.

    YASSSSS, WORD WARRRRRRRRs. I'm always writing at random times, though, so IDK how that would work. xD

    Some scientific studies have shown (yayyy, science!!) that once you share an idea with someone, your motivation levels go down, because a part of your brain already feels like you've done it just by talking about it with someone. I've kept some of my favorite ideas a secret for this reason. But that doesn't tend to happen with my novels because I love writing them so much.

  2. Good luck for Nanowrimo, Ayla?

    I've know you for a while. How old are you now? I'm a 13 year old.

    I invited you on Google Hangouts.

    1. Lol sorry for that question mark in the first sentence XD

  3. I actually started a NaNo group in my school this's a lot easier for me to get the job done when I know other people are holding me to my word. We're different in that respect, I suppose.

    Good luck with NaNo, and good for you for going all the way with all 50,000 words!

    Ella ~ Simply Scribbles

  4. I can't completely relate, because I'm not doing nano, but it seems like so much work, writing that many words a day! Anyways, good luck!


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