Saturday, 12 November 2016



Most times, I drive with the windows up.
I don't listen to music because it's too loud and too distracting to play in the car,
and I'm too busy concentrating on everything else on my mind
that I forget to to breathe in the smell of new car.

But sometimes, I drive with the windows down.
And I let the music blast, fill my ears with joy until I'm so caught up in emotion that everything becomes silent,
and I'm too distracted by the wind blowing in my hair
that I forget to worry about things that I don't have to worry about.

Most times, I don't dance in public.
Music plays in my ears that I tend to ignore, push away
for fear of being judged,
and I'm too scared of the prospect of overwhelming joy
that I am overcome with overwhelming sadness. 

But sometimes, I tap my feet
to the rhythm in my head, 
and suddenly everything I worried about I push away from my mind,
and I can't hear the sound of other people's thoughts
because they don't matter.
And the world around me spins
in the most stunning, absolutely dazzling way.

Most times, I don't tell people of my dreams, 
because they're too insane to voice, 
and if people were to read the thoughts in my head
I think they would be too scared to approach me. 
And I let my dreams haunt my sleep,
because I don't pay enough attention to them while I'm awake.

But sometimes, I share my dreams with people,
And instead of becoming scared they become inspired.
Not often, but sometimes they join with me in dreaming it,
and it uplifts me and it uplifts them.
We both forget what it was like to be afraid of dreaming,
and instead, we shine. 

Most times, I forget to live. 
But sometimes, I remember.
And it's those times that make life worth living. 



  1. This is an extraordinary poem! Keep up with your marvellous work! <3

  2. Wow, amazing poem. Your writing is so lyrical and meaningful :-)

    1. This means so much coming from you. Thank you <3

  3. Absolutely beautiful <3

  4. Oh my goodness, I adore this. <3

  5. I can relate :) Absolutely beautiful and fabulous poem! <3

  6. "And I let the music blast, fill my ears with joy until I'm so caught up in emotion that everything becomes silent" Such a beautiful line! Amazing poem! x


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