Tuesday, 3 January 2017

'New Year, New Me'

I had never come to understand the idea behind the popular phrase 'new year, new me'. I didn't understand what anyone meant when they said they were going to be a brand new person. Only this year did I finally get the concept, as I have officially become self-aware. Self-aware? Aware of what society truly means when they push these expectations on us.

New Years resolutions have always been an interesting topic for me. I've made a few each year, some goals that I have kept and some goals that I, obviously, didn't. (did you know? it is very difficult to become a published author AND a successful actor at eleven) I think that if kept in a healthy balance, New Years resolutions can be a good idea. For instance, this year, one of mine was simply to hug people more. This is good in premise and in execution, as it is a positive one, and it will benefit everyone involved (as long as they like hugs, of course). And so what if someone wants to make changes in their life, and a good starting point for them would be the New Year? Nothing about the New Year is different except the number on the calendar. It is the same as making a resolution at the beginning of summer or at the beginning of the school year. New Years resolutions can empower people to make needed changes in their life. Writers can write more. People can be healthier (note, I did not say that they need to go on seventeen different diets and follow every single new exercise craze).

But, back to the original point of this collection of thoughts. 'New Year, New Me.'  Every time I see this phrase as another freaking Instagram caption or Pin or hear it from my friends, a little part of the light I have recently found fades. Why do we have to completely change the person we are already? Is it for ourselves? Or is it for society? Why can't we love ourselves enough to not want to change every little bit we see? Why can't New Year, new me, become New Year, new attitude?  Because that's what really has to change in order to change our lives. Yes, we all have flaws, but with better attitudes, we can change what we really want to change about ourselves. New Year, New Me imposes the idea that we are not perfectly imperfect enough just as we are, and we must morph into someone new every time the earth revolves around the sun. Evolution certainly does not work like that. We were not chimps last year or the year before that, and I do not believe that in 365 days we will have grown a third arm.

And can we just stop pretending that we are going to make everything better in one year, much less as soon as the clock strikes twelve? Real change takes time and effort on all counts. Every single choice matters. If you look at all the ridiculous goals I have set for myself, I know I will only touch a few of them this year.

publish a novel
publish a collection of short stories
complete Nanowrimo without cheating
do all 3 splits
be published in a magazine
drive a tractor
drive a horse-drawn carriage
own a small pig
make any british actor laugh, preferably Matt Smith
inspire those younger than myself
help elephants
get my writing about global issues recognized
cheer someone up
make an Alaska cake
see Wicked on Broadway
go skydiving
learn Spanish
sit on a jury
sit next to a celebrity on a plane by accident
visit Machu Picchu
bring a glass of Atlantic Ocean water and spill it into the Pacific Ocean
visit Stonehenge
read Moby Dick
take a road trip without a specific destination
Rocky Horror Picture Show live
attend the Survivor reunion show
shake hands with Chris Colfer (and possibly co-write a book but that's just details)
shake hands with Emma Watson
shake hands with Ellen
treasure hunt
milk a cow
shave a sheep
do a favour for a stranger
get off the train at the wrong stop and play hookey from life
donate cans to canned food drives
create an imaginary land for children
surprise my best friend who lives across the country with gummy bears + entire Harry Potter collection
learn sign language
get featured on YIAY (yes, this is a legitimate goal of mine)
go camping with friends
go on a road trip with friends
drink fresh coconut milk
create a brand new dessert
learn ASL
make pickles
eat a Twinkie
eat a deep fried pickle
be a movie extra
start a band
attend a concert

This will not be my year, because I want every year to be my year. I want to check things off this list little by little and one by one. I want to make this 'my life'.



  1. "This will not be my year, because I want every year to be my year. I want to check things off this list little by little and one by one. I want to make this 'my life'."

    I LOVE THIS POINT SO MUCH!!! Thank you for that.

    1. Thank you so much! An you're welcome. I hope your year (life!?) is full of joy.

  2. TRUE I can hardly go through Instagram reading, "New Year, New Me." I can literally scroll down to last year's post and show the usage of the exact same quote. There's so much to do, that fitting it into one year isn't quite enough. It takes so much time and effort, and I think that's the problem with resolutions-- people don't see the practical side and plan out how they're going to reach that goal nor do they recognize what's hindering them in the first place. >.<

    xoxo Morning

  3. Wow, your thoughts are very interesting :-)
    I've never gotten the whole "New Year, New Me" thing. Like you said, it's hard to make changes overnight. With resolutions, we need to be thinking practically and realize that it's impossible to become suddenly become perfect in one year.
    Great post!

  4. This epic list is epic. :) Actually, I think you make a good point there about change being a journey, a progression of sorts. Maybe New Year's Resolutions work better as reminders. The practicality of it remains up to us!

  5. I like your view on this whole topic, makes me think about what I really want to be doing.
    Also, you have a fantastic list of goals - especially the one about dumping Atlantic Ocean water into the Pacific.

    - Jo

  6. SAME. I think that if you want to change you should make an effort right now and not wait for the upcoming year. Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks this way! I am happy to see that you are checking things off your life list, a very neat idea!

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