Sunday, 12 February 2017


As you may have noticed, there have been long delays and breaks between my posts the last couple of months, and recently, I have not had a lot of time or energy to create the types of things I used to.

Thus, I'm announcing a break until March 1st, where I will come back with the type of posts you have grown accustomed to seeing from me, as well as an exciting new project involving some of my friends.

Thank you all for your patience. I will still be occasionally checking up on blogs and commenting during this break, which I will be taking for mental health reasons.

much love


  1. Ill miss you but youll be back soon... crazy enough it's almost March? That doesn't sound right. But take a break and relax- see you soon! <3

  2. Aww, I'm sorry to see that you'll be absent for awhile. I hope that you spend a lot of time between now and Match just relaxing (just watch a ton of Glee, okay)?

    xoxo Morning

  3. i'll miss your blog posts oakstar but as a blogger myself i understand the need for a blogging break. i've taken quite an extended one myself the past few months lol. anyway, i hope you can use this time to relax and come up with more post ideas!
    ♡ sneha

  4. Please have a restful break. I am also taking a break from my social media (Wattpad), but it's going to be much longer-until April 2nd. I understand the swamped feeling!

  5. I hope that you have nice, peaceful, fun break. I'll miss your blog posts, and look forward to seeing you back in March!