Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Some Writing

This started off with an idea for a song, but grew rapidly into something that was not quite a poem or a story, but rather a piece of some sort that I can not really explain. 

The writing itself is rather rough. In fact, by the standards I have set for myself, I would rate it very low.  I haven't taken much time to proofread and edit it- basically, what you see is a string of my thoughts put down on the page. I didn't inspire myself off of anything tangible. I hope you enjoy nonetheless, and if you have any ideas for titles, please comment down below as I have absolutely no clue.


It seems to be written in our human code that we should fight against our own selves. We don’t believe we deserve things the way we want them. We don’t believe we have it in us to achieve what we desire. Every day seems a battle against what we had won before.

We don’t know why we fight so hard. We fall into a pit of darkness, truly uncomprehensive of the damage we have done unto ourselves. We blame others because we are too afraid of facing the shame. It appears that every last inch of life has been sucked out of us, by the cruel, cold world of which we are a part.

But slowly, as we embrace the night we have become, we realize there is a glow of warmth.  It is merely anything there, barely enough to hold our life, but enough, if strongly believed in.

That is because we think we’re ash, but we’re actually ember. And through all of the smoke and burnt dreams, we will rise again. We will conquer. We will prevail. Holding onto whatever essence of humanity we have left, we will stand up. Across an eternal pit of grey we will reach out one to another, and for a moment, our fingertips will touch. And there will be a ripple that races across the world and the solar system and eventually the galaxy. And we will stand, forever at the epicenter of a massive earthquake of love. Love will undulate across everything that matters, everything that exists, tangible or intangible.  We will create energy untouchable by no other than God Himself, and our energy will be what will revitalize the souls of creatures young and old.

But in that moment of rich, profound complexity and connectedness, it will all seem so simple. Just people, reaching out to form a bond.

Because no one understands, and we don’t understand, why humans love so deeply and so powerfully. We don’t understand why we cling so tightly to the bonds that we form, and we don’t understand why we form these bonds. Is it purely for the survival of our species, or is it for something that we do not yet have the capacity to explain? Is it really that hard to let go, or have we made it hard for ourselves for reasons we choose not to comprehend?

And as the stars twinkle above us, as our souls mesh together to create a fabric that time cannot touch, we will decide that we are better together, and that we will never be able to fall out of love. We could stop loving the parts of ourselves that we see in each other, but we could never stop loving the reasons we chose to love so fiercely in the first place. And in that instant we will reside for a forever.
We are a host of memories and dreams and reality, and all that we withhold seems to become one, showering us with rays and rays of light.

Days of cynicism seem to fall behind us, making a crooked path for optimism and radiance.
And we glow. We glow because we are so in love with each other, with ourselves, with everything that lives and breathes and completes us and our world.

 Love is the only thing.   


Much love,


  1. Your writing is in a realm between poetry and prose. That realm is called philosophical musings. Philosophical musings are rare to encounter these days and I was so thrilled to come across your glorious writing!

    I have been thinking these same thoughts: that humans are made of love and that our bonds ensure the survival of our species. Everything is love, all matter is made of it. Auras are purified and shine brilliantly this way-the light you were evoking in your speech. I have the ability to see auras and I'm often struck with wonder the way loving people's auras glow so purely. When people are distressed, I see their aura becoming duller.

    Your writing is tangible with bursts of light, with epic movements and key moments. There are parts where it's like an ocean wave, rising and then falling with every breath. Crystal and mystical yet with surging glory, your writing is fluttering, luminous to behold. It embodies fully yet releases like a swishing sea.

    I am so touched by your writing. Your writing talent is flourishing as you're growing up. I'm growing up too, and we're growing up as brilliant writers.

    Nadine xox

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment Nadine! This type of writing comes so easy to you and I am glad you enjoyed.

  2. This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us <3

    - Jo

  3. This is beautiful. I can't exactly find the words to describe exactly how beautiful it is, but I'm so glad that you shared this with us.

  4. I'm speechless. Reading what you've written feels like an almost sacred thing, well done!

    1. This really made my day, thank you so much!

  5. Wow, I love this piece so much!! Reminds me of my country when it was under martial law before - thousands of people went on the streets to protest, which eventually lead to our leader back then stepping down. I believe that the kind of love shown was love for our own nation. Looking forward to more of your work <3

    1. Thank you so much! I can't believe my writing reminded you of this.

  6. I feel that in this there is no separation between the personal realities we feel and the actuality of our individual and collective actualities. Thank you for creating this post!