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Doctor Who Companions Best and Worst- My Opinion

Hi guys! It's been an awfully long time since I posted! But I've got a fun post today- especially for whoever likes Doctor Who!

I'm going to list my favourite to least favourite Doctor Who companions from the new series up to season eight. I've included the following people who I consider companions:
Rose - Martha - Mickey - Rory - Amy - Donna - Captain Jack - Jenny - Strax - Mme. Vastra - River - Donna's Grandfather - Clara

Some of these people have only appeared in a few episodes, or just one in the Cyberman Head's case, but these are the ones that I consider companions. There was also another guy, that was here for one episode in the ninth doctor era- but I don't remember his name and he'd be at the bottom of the list anyway. So, let's start!

1. Donna's Grandfather*

I'm sorry if this has shocked all of you, but in my opinion, in the few episodes this man was in, he was outstanding. The actor, to begin with, is outstanding, and the character himself is marvelous. He's funny, he's kind, he's an old soul, and he's one of the most intelligent and unique characters Doctor Who has ever seen. He "gets" it, he gets the Doctor, and becomes one of the most trustworthy companions of the Doctor. Hmight be an old man, but I think he holds a place in the hearts of many Doctor Who fans out there.

2. Rose

Rose was my first companion, automatically ranking her high on my list. She was always kind and witty and amusing, and her chemistry with both Dctors she was with was amazing. Rose had character, and she had flaws, she definitely wasn't perfect. Her story arches were really well done in both seasons she contributed to, and Rose was interesting. She had a sense of humour.

3. Amy

Amy's story was a whirlwind. Her whole time with the Doctor was a blast, and every single one of the episodes with the Doctor was special and different. Her storyline was tragic, especially with her family and the ending, but it had it's fair share of fun bits and hilarious ones. Amy herself was hilarious, and had a real personality. Her love for Rory was adorable. And she was Scottish.

4. Donna

Donna made me laugh, and her friendship with the Doctor was refreshing and fun. Her loud voice, her imperfection, the fact that she was older than most companions in this Doctor Who era made her all the more likeable and relatable to many of D.W's older fans.

5. River

Her story arc was amazing, her character and wit outstanding. She was so funny and her love with eleven was quite something. I think we all hated her end (or should I say beginning?) but the story was told, in my opinion, with just the right amount of time and effort. River is awesome.

6. Rory

Rory's love for Amy, I think, really defined him as a character. He was the calm, sweet water to Amy's fire, and his acts of love make pretty much every other boyfriend in the universe since 102 AD look not so good His story is sweet and fun to watch, and his constant antics with Amy are hilarious.

7. Strax

Strax is possibly the most hilarious character ever written into Doctor Who. With his Sontaran (my favourite monster) habits, and accidental threats of killing and obliteration and boiling-of-head make me laugh so hard. I love his look and his personality, and especially his loyalty to Mme. Vastra, Jenny, and the Doctor.

8. Captain Jack

Jack is awesome. He brought a new, different, eccentric personality to the show, and who didn't like the times when it was him, Rose, and nine on the TARDIS together? They were immensely compatible. I don't remember ever quite seeing a character like this on Doctor Who.

9. Martha

I guess it was because she came after Rose, one of the most beloved companions of New Who, that she wasn't as loved, but Martha was awesome. She stood her ground and played a major part in some of the most important episodes of the third season. She walked the earth by herself, she helped defeat the Master, and she even held her ground for three months and saved the Doctor's life. Martha was actually a strong character, and once she got over her crush on the Doctor, she became much better.

10. Mickey

Mickey proved to an interesting companion, but a little flat. I did truly appreciate his love for Rose and the sacrifice he made while in the parallel universe. I especially loved his ending. But what I also liked was that he got things often before others did, which proved that he was in fact not a tin dog.

11. Jenny

We don't know much about Jenny, that's why she's low on my list, but she does sound like a very strong and fascinating character. She is definitely unique and original, and I loved her entrance into the underground lair of the clockwork dummies.

12. Mme.Vastra

Mme. Vastra, while being witty and fascinating and different than most companions, also was very self-important, arrogant, and a little mean in Deep Breath. She also treats Jenny like a servant a lot of time. That's why she's lower than Jenny and Strax.

13. Clara

Clara lovers, avert your eyes. Scroll down quickly to a rant-less blog post. X out the screen. Do something- now! A rant's coming on. If you don't mind what I have to  say or if you dislike her just as much as I do, please continue.

Not counting Umbridge, I have never despised a character on television or in a movie more than Clara Oswald. Maybe I have in books, but never have I ever had more hatred for a character.

Clara Oswald: Arrogant, narcissistic. She talks about how she looks all the time, and asks the Doctor about it too. You don't do that! When Matt Smith regenerated, of course she was going to be a little confused and curious and unsure, but she practically almost left the TARDIS because the Doctor got... older? WHY?!? When nine turned into ten, yes, Rose was unsure, but did she ever consider leaving him? No!

Clara overstayed her welcome. Always, a character goes through a story arc or even two if the character is really good, over a course of two seasons. Her beginning parts were interesting, yes, in Asylum of the Daleks and The Snowmen, but the actual Clara that the Doctor rescued from his timestream? She was flat and boring. Her story was done. She was split into a million lives, and then somehow, she survived. Now she's just drifting without a story that we know of so her, and her boyfriend is more interesting than her.

And, her life with the Doctor is perfect. He comes every day to take her on an adventure, and plunks her down every day right in time for supper. Happy music plays when she's on the screen. She brings random kids onto the TARDIS all the time. Somehow, she's a nanny, and then suddenly she's a school teacher. It doesn't make sense.

And she has no personality whatsoever.With each coming episode, it's turning more and more into a T. V. show about Clara.If she was an interesting character, then maybe it would be alright, but it isn't. Clara is turning Doctor Who into an unbearable show, and I am starting to miss the good old days with Smith and Gillan in the TARDIS, which is a shame, because Peter Capaldi is amazing.

No offense to the actress. Jenna Coleman is actually quite good.

Okay, rant over.

So those were some of my favourite to, ahem, least favourite companions of the show. Here, I included organic life forms. If I would include K9 and the cyberman head, they would be somewhere after Martha or Jenny.

I completely respect all opinions of the characters, and if you have a different opinion, please share. I'm curious to see different ways to look at the characters of my all-time favourite show.

Thanks for reading this incredibly long post!


*none of these photos are mine


  1. FINALLY! I found a Clara hater. I also felt she overstayed her welcome. She was just boring and I felt she was like the Doctor's little sad "backup" after Amy and Rory. My favorite companion was definitely Donna. She kept his spirits up and was amazing in her own little way

    1. CLARA HATERS UNITE! Haha! Donna was awesome absolutely! She's very close to the top of my list as favourite companion :)

  2. Ah, my brothers said Clara was fine, but I started watching Matt Smith on the episode he regenerated and so the only view I have of her is a flirty girl who doesn't know what she wants. Like honestly, who turns up the offer to keep travelling with the doctor. I would be much happier if things went back to being centred on the Doctor. All this Clara has been annoying me.
    Anyway, onto better things (I can't complain about my favourite TV show for too long), Donna is my favourite companion by far. I love everything about her, the wit, how she knew the Doctor, everything! I nearly cried when she left.
    Yes you added Wilf to the list! I love Donna's granddad. He is totally underrated, but even my dad (who hated Doctor Who after the first two seasons), said Wilf was amazing.

    1. Haha! Clara is definitely one of the most hated companions of Doctor Who. Donna is certainly a favourite absolutely, but Wilf is at the top of my list. There's something about him that makes me want to watch season four over and over and over again... :)

  3. AHHH I LOVE DW COMPANION POSTS!!!! /fangirlmomentnotsoover

    Amy isn't appreciated enough. I know people who despise her, but I just don't understand it. She's smart, she's spunky, and she's not afraid to stand up to the Doctor. BUT, she's not in love with the Doctor (every time a companion is I'm like HANDS OFF, HE'S TAKEN because Rose was there first), and she has a great relationship with Rory. Her, Rory, River, and the Doctor in the TARDIS was so much fun. :) He had a big, happy family for the first time since Gallifrey was lost.

    I don't hate Clara, but she's definitely my least favorite out of all the companions. It was bittersweet, the ending of S8, but I was happy for a fresh start. Then she came back for the Christmas special, which was okay, because I'd heard rumors she was going to grow old and die in the Doctor's arms at the end, which would've been fine with me. It would have wrapped up better than the S8 finale, BUT THEN SHE SURVIVED AND SHE'S COMING BACK FOR S9. Not. Okay. I want a new companion. Hopefully she only stays for half of S9, like BBC's promised.

    My order would go: 1. Rose Tyler (duh, Rose is the best and no one will ever compare to her and Tenrose is perfect and I love her so much) 2. Amy (Amelia) Pond 3. Donna Noble 4. River Song 5. Rory Williams 6. Wilf Mott 7. Martha Jones (Though I think she deserves more credit than she gets. I need to go back and rewatch S3 to form a proper opinion of her. It was bad luck, her following Rose.) 8. Clara Oswald 9. Mickey Smith 10. Strax 11. Jenny 12. Madame Vastra

    1. Your comment made me laugh so hard I cried :P

      Yes, I suppose I do have a rather strong opinion of Clara but I do agree with what you said. I like your order! I agree with most of it!

  4. I believe that you are an idiot